Lead JavaScript Developer

Pune, India


  • Responsible to define best practices of coding/database structuring/architecture & other web technologies to ensure we adopt latest & sturdy base for applications.
  • Architecting the application based on pure JavaScript, or with any other language.
  • Helping team members, to develop and deliver daily user stores of the application.
  • Implementing process and maintaining them (by code reviews), for development team, w.r.t standards defined .
  • Helping create awareness for JavaScript prototype and maintaining best practices across different applications.
  • Helping create awareness for JavaScript prototype and maintaining best practices across different applications.
  • Implementing and maintaining TDD in applications.
  • Implementing and maintaining continuous integration .
  • Will collaborate with a cross-functional team of project managers, project analysts and sales staff to deliver high-quality, interactive products on time.
  • Experience manually and automatically deploying, configuring, and hosting Node.js .

We Offer

A very open, collaborative, high-energy, non-hierarchical, no cabin environment, no dress code. Exposure to multiple technologies and tools, with the freedom to learn and grow in any direction.


Desired Skills & Experience

  • Total Experience of 5-8 years.
  • Hands-on experience over JavaScript implementation, jQuery library.
  • Should understand design patterns and its implementation over JavaScript.
  • Must know a front-end JS framework like, AngularJs or BackboneJs or Meteor.
  • Must know functional programming paradigm.
  • Must be comfortable developing and maintaining server-side JavaScript frameworks that run on the Node.js platform such as ExpressJS or Meteor.
  • Should understand OO concepts.
  • Should be able to write OO JavaScript.
  • Should know prototyping, jQuery Plugin creation structure and can even extend any existing one.
  • Should be able to Architect the structure of a heterogeneous application. For example, an application consisting of Server side script on NodeJs plugged with any NoSQL (e.g MongoDB) and frontend in AngularJs or BackboneJs.
  • Any Server-side scripting would be advantage (e.g PHP or Ruby or JSP).
  • Experience optimizing browser loading and rendering.
  • Ability to work under pressure and deliver against tight deadlines.
  • Experience in handling project, with agile methodology.
  • Should know and can implement Test Driven development using any UnitTest library, like Jasmine.