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sudukoLogo Sudoku Plus, is a mobile app created with a super optimized algorithm that beats all its peers when it comes to solving any Sudoku puzzle, irrespective of its complexity! The app also packs punch with an amazing UI and seamless User Experience for giving all Sudoku patrons a whole new experience as they crunch numbers to house them in the most eligible box! Technology
  • Symbian, Android (With Admob)
  • Bada (Samsung)
  • UI/UX Concepts
channelVLogo The app was made for the Channel V signature cafe Vspot. Used in i-pads, it allowed the user to flip through the delectable offerings before ordering them. The app was pleasantly interactive, with recommendations and animations to make the boring task of ordering food, super fun! Technology
  • Native IOS App
buhlerLogo Bühler is a specialist and technology partner for plant and equipment related services for processing basic foods and manufacturing high-grade materials. Keeping in with the times, Bühler approached us for designing and developing an app for its customers to easily locate authorized contacts for servicing and maintaining their equipment. Technology
  • HTML-5/ CSS3 / jQuery mobile
  • iOS, Blackberry, Android
farmVillaLogo FarmVille Keeper keeps a track of the crops sown by you. Not only does the app help you remember the time for harvest (with the help of reminders) but also helps you choose which crop would work best for you. The app virtually keeps you in touch 24X7 with your farm, even without an Internet connection.. Technology
  • UI/UX Concepts
  • Cake PHP
bhejdeLogo BhejDe is a file sharing tool which implies its beauty with its simplicity. It did have a very complex working panel but at the user end it’s a very simple interface to work on. A very specific approach to transfer heavy files through a very easy concept, BhejDe in other word is a file sharing app that allows one to send data from their phone to any of their contacts using smsservices. Share the content with chosen contacts rather than broadcasting on a social network. Technology
  • Android, iOS
  • RIM, Titanium
headupLogo USA Football Heads Up Football app, which includes concussion awareness, equipment fitting, and proper tackling technique from USA Football, developed with support from the NFL. USAF decided to come up with the awareness through video, rule guide, signals used in this game. We have also included a motive of charity , the user to gets a discount on different store. Every check in the business will directly donate a part to USAF player safety cause. Technology
  • Android 2.2
  • OS 4.0
  • ROR


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