Lead ROR Developer

Pune, India

As the next Ruby on Rails Lead Developer at Webonise Pune, you’ll have the opportunity to manage, lead and mentor a team of passionate junior developers dedicated to build apps made of beautifully written and maintainable Ruby code. Sounds exciting? Here’s what you will do and what we’re looking for.


  • Lead, manage and mentor a team of Junior Software Developers - responsible for efficiently performing tasks and delivering projects.
  • Train team on advanced ruby programming techniques, and dig into an existing codebase to gain understanding and intent of various application features.
  • Implement and enhance the processes and tasks related to Products.
  • Interact with the client and fully understand requirements for each project.
  • Consult technology solutions to solve business-related problems efficiently.
  • Take part in code reviews and refactoring process during development life-cycle.
  • Conduct regular refactoring based on the performance and benchmarking standards while maintaining high coding standards (SOLID principles) throughout the team.
  • Prepare and present application architecture design, and should be able to implement it effectively.

We Offer

A very open, collaborative, high-energy, non-hierarchical, no cabin environment, no dress code. Exposure to multiple technologies and tools, with the freedom to learn and grow in any direction.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years driving key decisions from the technology side.
  • Hands on experience with:
    • - Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails
    • - Patterns and Anti-Patterns
    • - other frameworks such as Sinatra or Grails
    • - Source Code Management tools like Git, SVN
  • Uses TDD to write rock-solid code
  • Practices agile techniques from Scrum and Kanban, including TDD, standups, code review, story cards, and other Scrum ceremonies.
  • An advocate of Ruby best practices.
  • Experience in architecting and implementing:
    • - large scale Ruby/Rails applications
    • - Web Services like RESTful web services and SOAP
    • - Redis, memcached, etc. according to benchmark testing
  • Knowledge of
    • - Ruby MetaProgramming
    • - Javascript, Javascript Libraries(jQuery, MooTools) and Javascript frameworks(Angular/BackBone)
    • - Active Record, Merb ,Rake etc.
    • - Relational Database: Postgres or Mysql
    • - Unix and Linux systems
    • - Ability to deal with noSql Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4j