On the blog of MRC Productivity, our Creative Director Erin Essex was recently mentioned in a post centered on key questions to ask clients in the early phases of product development, specifically discussing mobile apps.

"One of my most important questions to first timers is ‘are you able to put your ego aside?’,” says Erin Essex, Creative Director at Webonise. “Have confidence in your idea but put your ego aside. So many entrepreneurs get defensive about their idea. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your app; as consultants we fully understand and it’s ok to defend your idea. What most first timers don’t realize is that as consultants we have seen apps succeed and fail. With that background, we will poke holes or offer suggestions to make your app even stronger, not to criticize.”

Check out the entire post at 4 Final Questions To Ask Before Building A Mobile Business App. Have questions about one of your mobile app ideas? Say hello!