Last Saturday, the Webonise team played host to a number of like-minded web developers to chat about PHP. How is it evolving? How are others using it? Talking about the language is, no doubt, more fun when mingling with fellow developers, technical managers, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We exchanged ideas and talked about code, architecture, innovation and open source in general. We imagined the many ways in which PHP is and can further change the world. If you attended, thank you! If you didn’t, here’s some insight into our perception of the HaPHPy language.

We had two speakers set the tone of the meetup and spark discussions between the attendants. I started off with first talk, which covered, When and Why PHP. It was more business oriented, and aimed to educate people on the reasons for using PHP and when to use it as an option for development.

The presentation outlined the benefits of using PHP over any other open source language and presented examples and scenarios when PHP can and should be used. It covered both basic information on the PHP frameworks to use (Zend, cakePHP, Yii, just to name a few) and specific business details.

“As a PHP developer, Nishant’s talk helped give me a more advanced perspective on why we should be using PHP for web development. Learning those ideas from a business point of view makes me a better all around developer,” said Richa, a PHP developer with two years of experience.

Kapil Sharma, a tech lead in Eastern Enterprises, presented next on Setting up PHP on different environments’.This presentation will walk you through the ins and outs of configuring and setting up PHP development environments on various operating systems. He covered various platforms like Lamp, Wamp, xampp, while also mentioning a few advanced virtual development environments (Vagrant, puppet, etc.).

“We code in PHP every day, but sometimes I forget to question why certain projects are developed this way. These presentations gave me a clear picture of ‘why’, and now I know!” said Madhavi, senior PHP developer.

PHP beginners, like Nitesh, told us this meetup was extremely beneficial for every developer eager to work on their code quality.

“Just last week I had a rocky experience with setting up a virtual host, so attending this meet-up was a great idea to expand my knowledge base and brainstorm with other developers like myself,” said Nitesh.

It was indeed a fulfilling session with productive networking and not nearly enough time to cover everything we wanted to, but as these events should be, this was smooth and intuitive, retaining all the attributes of a popular meet-up (we counted on an enthusiastic audience!). There will be more such events coming in the near future, so follow us on our social media accounts to be the first to hear about them and get signed up.

If you attended this PHP meetup, we’d love to hear your unbiased thoughts in our comments section below. Tell us what you learned, what you wanted to hear more of and share your suggestions for our next meetup topic.

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