After years of working in a certain field, whether its in design, development, or anything really, we are all bound to come up with a certain work flow that becomes our go to for when we start a new project. It’s something that is hard to avoid, but sometimes getting comfortable with your creative process can make your work feel stale and repeated. At a certain point it is always a good idea to take a step back to reevaluate how you approach a project and seek new sources of inspiration. This was the case for Webonise Designer Abhijeet Soman and we’re so glad he’s sharing this unique perspective as his latest source of design inspiration.


Medicine for the Body and Soul


Every medication available to us today, goes through years of research and development. Each one is indicated for a specific illness or disease. This is pretty much the same as the kind of inspiration we need in our lives; for every creative block that we encounter, we need a certain type of pill to ease it with. If you are hungry for fresh perspective, go outside the box. If additional insights are what you need, read reliable resources and references. When you are feeling monotonous or bored, do something exciting, fun or adventurous.

Visual Credits:  Philipp Datz


Converging Roads and Alternating Routes

Notice how a map has converging roads and alternating routes to reach one direction? There may even be dead-ends and roadblocks but you still have a few other options to take to reach your destination. The same destination but a different route, maybe a longer or shorter travel time but still a journey worth taking. How do we apply this to design? Design has a number of segments but the basic aesthetics are the same. They may be converging in one point or another, some may even lead you to a dead-end. But they will all lead you to the same thing: a well-designed product.


Here are some of the paths, people or design ‘neighbors’ I interact with to arrive at the similar output with a different kind of experience.


Unconventional Typography


Typography often lives out of paper and websites. Imagine my excitement when I saw these incredible representations of typography - in the most unconventional mediums! See how they gave a different kind of life to something as intangible as typography? Now, that’s creative and inspiring!

Visual Credits: Nathan Yoder & Danielle Evans


People Watching Through Photography


Have you ever tried people watching? To spend an afternoon sitting outside your favorite cafe watching people pass by and guess which people are working a blue collar job and which ones are not? Which ones are affluent and which ones are living an impoverished life? This particular project by Ken Hermann is exactly how photographers do people watching. Isn’t it amazing how many faces a flower seller can have and look a hundred times different from one another?

Visual Credits: Ken Hermann


Indulgent Illustrations


Yes, the boundless world of illustrations. Whenever I come across a powerful illustration, I always make it a point to keep a record of where I can find it in the future. Why? Because they are my source of fresh perspective and out of the box ideas. Going through them whenever I need inspiration almost always leads me to where I need to be: Inspired and pumped up!

Visual Credits:Pascal Campion,  Ranganath Krishnamani,  Thomas Lamadieu & Cristina Grott


The Bible of Barbecue

The Bible of Barbecue — Tramontina from JWT Brasil on Vimeo.

This is how you show your passion! There is fire and there is definitely a lot of passion infused in the creation of the book, the video and all the kitchen accessories the brand is bringing to the market. Hats off to the team who thought of making an interactive, all-in-one book for the art of cooking barbecue. A one of a kind book for a highly specialized line of product.

Watch the video here: The Bible of Barbecue


So far we have talked about inspirations that are related to my work & expertise. But apart from work, there are a lot of other things that I want to explore and you should too! Open a new tab in your life and explore uncharted waters, away from your comfort zone.


A Food Adventure


I am a BIG foodie! I love to try different types of food. But being a designer has always made me interested in how food is presented once it reaches my table and how it affects the whole experience. More than the taste and the need to satisfy my hunger, the art of preparing food and plating it is a joy to be reckoned with. Doesn’t the vibrant colors of those scoops of ice cream make your mouth water? And look at how that wooden board compliments the prawns. This is how design elements when applied in food plating creates a different and more engaging experience.

Visual Credits: souvlaki for the soul & Paterna


Abhijeet Soman – Webonise UI Designer

Abhijeet Soman | Webonise Designer

“Believe in what you believe.”

I have worked on various projects, But DRF is one of the best projects I got to work on. Since its based on responsive design I got to learn how to build a design for almost all platform; from mobile, desktop to tablet.

DRF (Daily Racing Form) is all about the sport of Horse Racing. They are the pioneers in this domain (they have just celebrated their 120th Anniversary) and I am really glad that I got a chance to work on such a challenging & unique project.

Whenever I’m not working, you’ll find me taking photographs, sketching, traveling or collecting postage stamps or vintage toys.

Design Theme: Minimalistic, clean & simple

Design Rule: Be inspired by the real world around you.

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