“A designer sees the design before he sees the object.”

  What makes a designer unique in his practice? Is it in the way that he conveys his message? Is it in the way that he speaks of his work? Or is it in the way that he translates a certain idea into an actual product? As our featured Webonise designer, Aditya Lele, so eloquently states, “A designer is someone who continuously seeks to add value to his experiences and visual vocabulary. A designer can draw inspiration anywhere and from anything literally! Its just a matter of perspective.”   Take Vincent van Gogh for an instance. Wasn’t it true that he was able to come up with the famous Starry Night while he was locked inside an asylum? Hence, its time to open your eyes and see the beauty and inspiration that surrounds you, start with our list!



I love wood as a material. The way Grovemade have crafted each and every product on their site speaks a lot about the design thinking and the usability that must have gone behind it! Each piece of wood has its own unique pattern, exemplifying the innate beauty of nature! Grovemade products have this ability to bring an element of earthiness to even the most modern devices we have today, such as the iPhone and Mac. Find it here: Grovemade.com  

StreetArt with Google


Google is known for connecting with people right where it truly matters. Streetart is a Google initiative that does exactly that. Right from the comforts of your home or office, you can visit a street somewhere far off and lose yourself in the experience of exploring a new place for a while! Its nothing short of an ‘online’ fun-fair or an exhibition of the creativity that’s happening all over the world! The concepts, colors, shapes and treatments bring in a dash of fresh perspective to me every time I visit it. Find it here: Streetart.withgoogle.com  



I like the way mygola has taken trip planning and turned it into something not quite as complicated as people often perceive travelling to be. It is very conversational and makes things seemingly simpler. The way you can customize your trip in the planner is so easy. You can simply drag and drop packages from one day to another in different timeslots!  Its very friendly, intuitive and definitely something that would inspire me when I am designing interactions. Find it here: Mygola.com  

The Noun Project


This is an awesome community/crowd sourced initiative and it draws a lot from each of the experiences/cultures of the designers who contribute. As a designer, I find looking at the icons very interesting, as each of them is a story in itself revolving around the human life and its trappings! Its a rich visual dictionary and never fails to engage me whenever I look at the latest icons that have been contributed. Find it here: TheNounProject.com  

Elevate App


Warning: This app can be addicting! I know because I was completely engrossed playing it, I was considering myself addicted to it already. Although it’s a very simple way of brain training and the built-in gamification is not as extensive, Elevate can still draw a crowd and keep them engaged for an extensive period of time.  Short assignments coupled with beautiful flat design adds to the flavor. It is very human-ish in its communication and it doesn’t feel like an app anymore, it feels like an experience. Find it here: ElevateApp.com  

Consumer Barometer

Consumer_barometer Google again! I like understanding data and knowing/thinking of various ways of representing it to make it easier to understand. Consumer barometer is a site that can give you quick insights about various consumer dynamics while displaying data in the most comprehensive way. Find it here: ConsumerBarometer.com  

Human of New York


I am curious about people’s stories as each of them has something worth learning for me. HONY inspires me to understand how each and every one of us looks at life and the world in general in very unique ways. I regularly visit the site for the promise of new insights and knowledge. Find it here: HumansofNewYork.com  



I love bikes and would like to custom design and build my own bike someday. Vardenchi guys are doing a really cool job in this field and each of their bikes has a personality of its own. Find it here: Vardenchi.com


Through the Lens

I am also a big Photography fanatic and it is my language of choice in trying to express my view of the world. The camera is no more than a capturing device. It just captures what the mind observes. Here are some portraits that I have clicked using my mobile phone. Mom and Children in rains Silhouette of a Girl on swing Old Cobbler and his setup  

I am Food Blog

Food Blog

Cooking for me is an art form. It’s a multidimensional art that has so many colors, shapes, textures, flavors and fragrances. The chef has to balance all those things to create the most appetizing, satiating experience. While cooking is creating the experience, plating the food is nothing short of visual design which enhances the experience Find it here: I am Food blog


Aditya Lele – Webonise Designer

All designers are human but every human a designer not!”

47132_1503283595557_14443_nI’ve been a Weboniser for 2 years and I could not describe the experience better than saying that Webonise has been a place for those who seek freedom, creativity, experimentation and challenge. This is a place for those who want to take charge and jumpstart on innovations. This is a place for people who don’t fear failure, have the thirst to learn, grow and ready for the next adventure of their lives. Currently, I work with my team to architect user experiences, interactions and visual designs for various projects. But away from the office, you would find me watching movies, reading books, taking photos, traveling, biking, walking my dog and trying my hand at cooking. And yes, i love beer and that occasional scotch on the rocks. Favorite Material: Wood, Chrome Steel, Brushed Aluminium Design theme: Good design is transparent design. Design Rule: Design is not creating & adding things, it is what remains after removing the unnecessary!

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