Nature is Design at its best. It has the best examples of Information architecture, User flows, Interaction & Experience design, Role based user interface and Responsive design.  But let’s not forget Its most awesome function: Its ability to continuously surprise each and every one of us with all of its wonders!


Let’s all savor at the raw beauty of nature as this week’s list of design inspirations, curated by Webonise Designer Aditya Lele,  goes au naturel.


Information Architecture of a Banyan Tree

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If you Look at a banyan tree you’ll notice how its structure looks like an Information architecture diagram. There is structure in the way the trunk is connected to its branches and how the branches grew its leaves.  As birds, insects or rodents traverse from one branch to another, you’ll be amazed at how seamless the experience is for them. There’s no need to take a break or stop anywhere. A closer inspection of the tree would also reveal how each of its nodes have incredibly visible metadata. As the user, all you have to do is auto-consume these data whenever you need to!


User Flow in a Tiger Hunt

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A very good example of a User Flow is how a tiger hunts for its prey. It follows a sequence of events which pretty much looks like this: (1) The tiger feels hungry, (2) he looks for something to eat, (3) finds a prey, (4) goes for the kill. Each phase has a distinct, logical task/action that leads to the satisfaction of the overall goal: to satiate the tiger’s hunger. In which other natural occurrence do you think user flows can be applied to?


Experience Design Through Being One with Nature


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Come to think of it, Nature is probably the best way to exemplify experience design. It allows fully customizable experiences to each of its users. You get to experience both ends of the spectrum: Adrenaline pumped and completely exhilarated when you reach the top of the mountain you are climbing or totally relaxed and calmed down at the sight of the sunset by the beach. Just like the apps that we design, each facet of nature has the ability to captivate us and keep us engaged. To be able to capture the same effect on your app’s users will be the pinnacle of your app’s success.


Role Based Interactions: The Reason Behind a Giraffe’s Long Neck


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Have you ever wonder why Giraffes have long necks? Or why a bat has claws that remain locked even while they were fast asleep upside down on a tree? It definitely has something to do with survival but if you relate it to design, this is exactly how nature showcases role based interactions depending on the user persona.


Responsive Design in Nature’s Selective Degeneration


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When a Tyrannosaurus is born, it has long extremities As it grows, its extremities becomes smaller while the hind ones remains proportionally long. This is how nature demonstrates responsive design, not just in size but also in selective degeneration as the species changes.

Therefore, a lion cub doesn't have the mane, pointed-sharp claws nor the ability to procreate when it is born. He only gains these aspects when he turns into a ferocious lion ready to command his kingdom and fight for it if necessary!


“Regard it as just as desirable to build a chicken house as to build a cathedral.” - Frank Lloyd Wright


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Last but not the least is this quote by Frank Lloyd Wright which reminds us how there is as much effort, thought and intricacy of design in a coffee bean as there is in a thousand-year-old tree! To which I say, “Designers! Keep this in mind: Put in as much effort in each and every project you have, no matter how small or big the project is!” There should be as much thought given into designing both an input form and an awesome looking infographic!


Aditya Lele – Webonise Designer

“All designers are human but every human a designer not!”

Webonise Designer Aditya LeleI’ve been a Weboniser for 2 years and I could not describe the experience better than saying that Webonise has been a place for those who seek freedom, creativity, experimentation and challenge. This is a place for those who want to take charge and jumpstart on innovations. This is a place for people who don’t fear failure, have the thirst to learn, grow and ready for the next adventure of their lives.

Currently, I work with my team to architect user experiences, interactions and visual designs for various projects. But away from the office, you would find me watching movies, reading books, taking photos, traveling, biking, walking my dog and trying my hand at cooking. And yes, i love beer and that occasional scotch on the rocks.

Favorite Material: Wood, Chrome Steel, Brushed Aluminium

Design theme: Good design is transparent design.

Design Rule: Design is not creating & adding things, it is what remains after removing the unnecessary!

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