Inspiration comes to me when I see the amazing talents of others in the creative field. Doing something new and different takes fortitude and vision. I know the feeling of pitching something I believe in, then having it rejected. The disappointment is sharp and painful, but it often inspires greater creativity. Here are a few creative projects I have found to be outstanding visions, and I’m sure these talented people have had a door slammed in their faces at least once.


Anyone who has ever been exposed to web development knows quite well that browsers behave differently given the same code. (Damn you, IE) - This is especially true with fonts and font styling. As a designer, this makes me a bit nutty. The developer of underline.js noticed this especially with underlining across browsers as you can see here: ltr: Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7 and IE6 Underline.js hopes to answer this. Underline Not only can this snippet of code help with visual consistency of the underline across browsers, but it also strokes the text so that descenders (characters that drop below the line) are not interrupted by the line.  Oh and it also can have a strumming guitar effect added.  See the demo for this feature: Wenting Zhang, a UX dev at Comedy Central by day, presented this side project at the recent New York Tech Meetup, and I loved how people both laughed at and agreed with the idea.  To people like me, I totally get it, but I’m sure most people are saying, “Who cares.”  That’s why I like it. Now, if only we could get something like this for kerning… Find the code snippet here: Underline.js on GitHub


Yes, I know - there are too many messenger apps out there already, but let me introduce just one more. Here are a few reasons Dasher is fun:

  • When you write a hashtag, the system will randomly generate an animated gif to accompany it.
  • You can send images or videos, and they appear in the message like a stream, no downloading or linking is required.
  • You can temporarily broadcast your location, which is great for meeting with friends or if someone is cooking dinner for you at home.
  • You can transfer money to friends through the message, which is super easy for splitting all those mimosas at brunch.

Dasher - Webonise Design InspirationsDasher - Webonise Design InspirationsDasher - Webonise Design Inspirations #Magic Dasher - Webonise Design Inspirations Dasher Messenger:

House of Cards

House of Cards - Webonise Design Inspirations Yes, I’m going to write about a television show in my inspiration blog. Tacky? Deal with it, no one reads these anyway, right? Sitting at dinner recently with our CEO, Rob Katz, and DRF client, Todd Unger, we took a break from serious talk and discussed all the great and not-so-great- TV shows out now. Katz, a father of 3 with no time for television in recent years, asked Todd and me for suggestions on what to watch as he attempts to make up for lost time. Both Todd and I agreed that “House of Cards” (HoC) is on top. That said, I want to explain how HoC has surprisingly ruined television for me. I started binge-watching HoC late last year. What kept drawing me in were the artistry of the writing, the craftsmanship behind each character development and the deadly magnetism of protagonist Frank Underwood. Kevin Spacey, who plays Underwood, brings so much charm to a character with blood on his hands. Assuming you know the show, I’m sure you can agree. Without getting into specifics, I’ll just say that the team working on this show and crafting all the twists and turns really has something special. As someone who always wants to create and share something unique, I watch this show and see the painstakingly, detail-oriented work that has gone into it. It separates itself from the mind-numbing garbage that makes up the television landscape today. Now why do I say that it has "ruined television for me?" Because after I finished season 2, I was jonesing for more.  I tried “Boss” and “Scandal,” both of which seemed to be trying too hard to be like HoC and therefore fell way short, especially the casting in Boss. With the exception of Kelsey Grammer, what the hell were they thinking? No one that hot works in politics; it’s just too far on the “suspension of disbelief” scale for me. But back to HoC, I hope they can keep the energy going without making it cheesy or losing steam.  Only time will tell, though, but I am looking forward to season 3 starting Feb 27th, Gotta find out what happened to Doug! Image source: House of Cards

Coppertail Brewing

Coppertail Brewing - Webonise Design Inspirations It’s always nice to see a new business that seems to be doing everything the right way from the get-go.  Coppertail Brewing, to me, is among this elite group. These guys not only have great beer but also really polished branding with personality, great artwork/label design and an upcoming, badass, tasting room.  I have liked watching their development from afar over Facebook.  I moved from Tampa a few years back, and I like seeing that the beer scene there is getting some footing, FINALLY! Visit their site:

Pig and Khao

Pig and Khao's Sizzling Sisig - Webonise Design Inspirations Sisig - a crispy pig face with a fried egg nestled in the middle. It comes out popping and crackling, little bits jumping off the dish.  So scrumptious! Yea, its pig’s face, and yea, if you're making a face right now, you have obviously never eaten pig cheek.  Its beautiful, savory and delightful.  Nothing goes to waste. Chef Leah Cohen got this dish right at Pig and Khao in the Lower East Side.  I love a chef that challenges guests with classic preparations of traditional dishes in a whole new way.  I’m sure a ton of people don’t order it when they discover what, exactly it is, but I really hope they do.  Test people’s boundaries and make great things! Give face a try. Image source: Pig and Khao’s Sizzling Sisig


Erin Cummings – Creative Director

 "If you're going though hell, keep going." -  Winston Churchill

Creative Director Erin Cummings | Webonise LabHow long has it been…ah, over two years now since I started with Webonise back in the summer of 2012.  It feels like it was so long ago! Since then I have pushed a lot of pixels around, and we have made some very cool products. In my current position, I love working with my team and being a mentor to junior designers, as well as coming up with new and creative ways of problem solving with UX and design. Working with me you will find that I am straightforward and assertive; creating beautiful products is important to me. Aside from all that I love beer, antique motorcycles and traveling.

Design Theme: Keep it clean.

Design Rule: Make it striking, make sure it works and most importantly learn how to edit.

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