Creative Director Erin Cummings is back on the Webonise Weekly Design series! This time, Erin brought a more succinct list, because less is definitely more! Explore her latest collection of design inspirations and spark that creative within you.  

Making Complex Seem Simple.

Train I have been coming across a couple of articles on flipboard about the style guide of the NYC Transit system being released on the internet at I had no idea that this was established in the 70’s!  Its impressively timeless and feels modern even today.  This article goes deeper into the design challenge and decision making that had to take place to create the new system.  It’s incredible that after 40 years the decisions made in this manual are still more or less followed to this day.  As a designer that gives me goosebumps, so friggin cool. Find it here: New Yorks Colorful Subway Signs Shortly after seeing this I was cruising though my Netflix account I see something that catches my interest, Design is One, a documentary about the Lella and Massimo Vignelli and the impact they have made on design.   And guess what, Massimo was one of the designers of the signage system for the NYC transit.  What was fascinating about the documentary is that the range of work was so diverse.  It’s greatly inspiring to see people accomplishing so much in so many different veins of design.  Package, identity, furniture, just about everything they designed for and exceled at.  That is something that not everyone can do and I want to strive for.

"If you can design one thing, you can design everything." - Massimo Vignelli


Surprise at the Rauschenberg wing 

Rauschenberg edited One Sunday, I decided to venture out.  The Nasher museum had a Miro exhibit that sounded interesting.  Having followed his work for some time I was excited to see some of his large sculptures.  Alas, they only had 1 large one on exhibit and I was disappointed, don’t get me wrong, what they had on display was good, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. As I wondered around the museum I came upon the Rauschenberg wing and the work therein.  The first thing I saw blew me away.  It was a piece titled Soviet/American Array VII. The juxtaposition of color, contrast and weight of each photo and how it was placed on the canvas was perfection.  I couldn’t get over it! Find it here:  

Simple changes, big impact.

boarding pass

Having been out of the country recently myself, it’s really (and I mean REALLY!) irritating to have all your documents stuck in your passport and sticking out the bottom.  Design to the rescue!  This simple alteration to the size and layout solves that.  Simple changes, big impact. Find it here: Peter Smart's Better Boarding Pass Redesign  

Muted tones can speak volumes.

Hoyem Design for the sake of design, unhampered by “but it doesn’t pop” type of client feedback.  This design and color palette is perfect for the work here.  Its simple, muted, clean and intriguing.  Perfect given the subject matter. Find It here: Sivert Høyem – Musician Website and Visual Identity by ANTI  

Having fun with vectors.

Vector Scout What a cute idea. I love that it looks like the style guide of a new Wes Anderson movie. Don’t you agree? If you’re wondering where this came from and where you can find more, its part of a cool project by Ryan Putnam called Vector Scouts which touches different aspects of design, from illustration to logo design and icons. Find it here: Vector Scouts by Ryan Putnam  

Erasing Street Art

Street Eraser But is it even possible to erase street art? With these giant stickers, yeah! I really love this idea; wish I would have thought of it. And wouldn’t it be more fun if you can photoshop street art, especially those bad ones? Find it here: Street Eraser


Erin Cummings – Creative Director

 "You don't have to watch Dynasty to have an attitude." -  Prince

20140517_092737_1How long has it been…ah, about two years now since I started with Webonise back in the summer of 2012.  It feels like it was so long ago! Since then I have pushed a lot of pixels around, and we have made some very cool products. In my current position, I love working with my team and being a mentor to junior designers, as well as coming up with new and creative ways of problem solving with UX and design. Working with me you will find that I am straightforward and assertive; creating beautiful products is important to me. Aside from all that I love beer, antique motorcycles and traveling.

Design Theme: Keep it clean.

Design Rule: Make it striking, make sure it works and most importantly learn how to edit.

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