“Get inspired by celebrating the little details and reimagining the everyday things we often overlook.”


This week’s design inspiration pays tribute to the unnoticed and overlooked. Whether its the nuances of a digital experience of a timeless master, reinterpretation of forgotten everyday objects, or celebrating those lovely objects already in your life, we can all remember to try and notice the unnoticed.


Featuring Dana Smith’s latest design inspiration list that will satisfy your thirst for something creative and inspiring:


Capturing Attention: Van Gogh Museum

Van Gogh Museum site featured on the Webonise Weekly Design Series

Though the work of Van Gogh has vivid brushstrokes and bright colors, I’m quite sure Fabrique felt the challenge of making the Van Gogh Museum be as captivating and interesting online as it is in person. But, they did it. They were able to immediately immerse users into the story of Van Gogh without it feeling too forced or having the dreaded “slideshow feeling.” This layout lets you gain insight into Van Gogh’s life and work instead of just being a place to buy tickets and plan your trip. But, once you’re inspired enough, planning your visit to the museum is now made easy - now someone buy me a plane ticket to Amsterdam!

Find it here: Van Gogh Museum


Color Craze: My Bianchi

Bianchi on the Webonise Weekly Design Series Bikes are just supposed to be something that gets you around town. Call me crazy, but I love my road bike. This is despite the fact that I’ve only known how to ride a bike for a few years and am still afraid of riding on the road. It’s older and beautiful - handmade in Italy 2 decades ago. It’s electric blue with celeste detailing - Bianchi’s signature color. Though their signature celeste has changed over the years to align with trends, it’s remained pretty close to the original custom turquoise. The color has become an icon itself and has cultivated it’s own following. Though I’m no Giro d’Italia or Tour de France aficionado - stepping away from the laptop to go out riding after work or on the weekends on my beautiful Bianchi is inspiration enough for me.


Reimagining Everyday Objects: The State Plates Project

The States Plate Project Featured on the Webonise Weekly Design Series


License plates are intended to be utilitarian in nature; their purpose is to quickly identify a car’s id while in motion or parked. More often than not, everyone just sees them passing by on their way to work or staring at them while stuck in traffic. The idea of taking the things we see everyday and freshening them up is brilliant, and I love it. Though this project was just for fun, it makes me wonder: why not have all of the functional signs, identifiers, etc. more beautiful? More beautifully designed license plates over here: The State Plates Project


Reinterpreting Everyday Objects: Grovemade Watch

The Grovemade watch featured on the Webonise Weekly Design Series

In today's world of rising smart watches and wearables, there’s something intriguingly nostalgic yet innovative about a wooden, low-tech watch. Arguably, this interpretation of a watch might be too rudimentary, but the idea behind it is what is more inspiring to me: taking a risk for simplicity.

Pre-order: Grovemade Watch


Animated Details: Cento Lodigiani, The Illusion of Life

The Illusion of Life from Cento Lodigiani on Vimeo.

Lodigiani took the animation principles from Disney and made an easy-to-follow video interpretation in “The Illusion of Life.” Animations have become more and more playful recently (especially in mobile apps). What I love most about them is that they’re just a great way to increase engagement and orientate the user. With this increasing direction to create animations, it’s also important to ensure that your animations make physical sense - or at least appear to. This video created by motion artist Cento Lodigiani helps teach the foundation of animation.


Dana Smith – Webonise Designer

“It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions” ­ - Ira Glass


Dana Smith - Webonise DesignerI’ve been a graphic designer at Webonise for a little over a year. I enjoy collaborating with teams of other designers, developers, and project managers. The projects that I’ve been most excited about are the ones that challenge all of us the most. Technical barriers become moments for design ingenuity and vice versa. It’s the very moment of collaboration that really creates a great product. When I’m not in the office, I’d rather be outside ­ whether it’s running, biking, or grabbing a drink.


Design Theme: The simplicity in the details.

Design Rule: “What you make is what you stand for.” ­ David Hieatt

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