“Inspiration is Contagious. It’s everywhere. Pass it on.”

Perhaps the key to getting inspired isn’t exactly on what the eyes see, but what the eyes perceive to see. Its not in the form, size or shape of the objects that we see but on how we interpret it in our minds. This week’s incredibly curated list of design inspiration does not only showcase an eye for great design but also a skill in using the right words to honor a thing of beauty!  Ending this week on a high note with Webonise Designer Manan Oza’s design inspirations.  

Enhancing Tourist Experience at Ajanta Caves

AjantaCaves I like solving real problems presented by actual users. Hence, when we were given the chance to work on designing a communication product that can address the various informational needs of the visitors of the Ajanta caves near Aurangabad; I got really excited. The main feature of the product was to find out ways on how we can empower the tourist to navigate the place without the help of a tour guide. What I really love about this product are the challenges it has brought to me and the whole team; from the (1) Lack of information on what to see, when to see and where to see, (2) The physical topology of the place that add fatigue to the tourists which can be the exact reason why tourists mostly fail to complete the entire journey and (3) the time constraint which is potentially the reason why navigation through the place has become all the more difficult; all of these problems were the very reasons why this product has given me a lot of insights. Find it here: Enhancing Tourist Experience at Ajanta Caves  

Opera Coast

OperaCoast With the latest Coast, Opera stripped down the common browser to its basics and kept going. What was left of it was a graphics-based UI with gesture control and an intuitive design that feels more like a dedicated content consumption app than a Web browser. The home screen features a grid of nine web pages with tiles laid out like apps in iOS. Users can add additional slots after they visit WebPages of interest and rearrange the "tiles" across multiple pages as they see fit. Without onscreen controls to clutter the view, Opera implemented an intuitive contextual pop-up menu for copying, saving and sharing images. A tap-and-hold gesture invokes a radial selection tool with options for copy to clipboard, sharing (which brings up a second menu leading to social media sites), save to Photos and set as wallpaper. Text selection and copying is handled by iOS. Find it here: Opera Coast Web Browser  

Google Cards

GoogleCards Cards remind me my old days when I used to play with WWF and Cricket Cards. There is a possibility that the concept was derived from there. Google cards’ predominant ‘card’ design pattern is fast becoming the best design pattern for mobile devices and also the next big thing in design and the creative arts. To me that’s incredibly exciting. Find it here: Google.com  

Marius Bauer

Marius Marius is an interaction designer & Illustrator. He works with teams at Microsoft, IDEO, Samsung and other world leading innovative companies. Marius has a good holistic view on cultural and country specific needs. His projects won several awards and features on international news networks. His style has not only inspired designers but has also set remarkable benchmarks. Find it here: Mariusbauer.com  

Jonathan Yuen

Jonathan In the original Jonathan Yuen website, the web interface consists of a series of interconnected narrative scenes illustrated with minute details. The website is designed as an interactive design narrative journey with each segment using visual metaphors to represent the info about the designer, fusing Eastern and Western cultural visual elements to lend a unique visual design narrative experience and beautifully carved. The project has since received over 18 awards both regionally and internationally, among others includes the prestigious D&AD Global Award, Cannes Lion, One Show Interactive and YoungGuns Awards. Find it here: Jonathan Yuen  


Tripstr Tripstr is an app that makes it easy for close-to-home adventurers and globetrotters alike to create and publish beautiful photo stories right from their devices, in a matter of minutes. Its fun interface helps users quickly identify the best photos from their trips, turning them into shareable stories that anyone can view on the web. This app can also create story processes that automatically pulls in all relevant photos from the users’ phones and works offline, which allows people to focus on their adventures rather than on the app. It can be a source of travel inspiration and finding uniquely fun and gorgeous travel storytelling as they browse their friends’ stories. Find it here: tripstr.com  

Dream. Ride. Explore. Discover.

Bike Yes, I am a Passionate Bike Rider and Traveller. A few years from now you will look back and be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things that you did do. So throw off the bowlines, kick start your bike, go away and when you are riding a bike on a long drive, the wind on your face ruffling your ears and hairs will make you feel one with nature. Riding a bike itself defers the experience of car driving. Find it here: RajputanaCustoms  




Clouds upon clouds of more than 200 types of birds land in this lake to escape the harsh winter of their nesting areas. Here they find food and warmth. These migrant birds visit Nalsarovar every year from November to February. During these four months water is plentiful and fish, insects and aquatic plants abound in the lake - an ideal environment for the birds. Nalsarovar at this time is a birdwatcher's delight. Find it here: Birds at Nalsarovar  


Lets Ride How does the idea of ride-sharing, especially to workplaces or road trips, sound? Every other person today is a member of at least one social platform. Thus, it’s easy for us to reach a set number of people through the very same platforms. I like this concept a lot. “Share a ride and get connected to people in real world.” I think this is a powerful concept and can help solve a real problem especially in places in the outskirts of the city area where people do not have an access to transportation. Find it here: letsride.in/


Manan Oza - Webonise Designer

“We have to try to solve very complicated problems without letting people know how complicated the problem was.” - Jonathan Ive

Image 3My main role at Webonise is to understand client requirement, visualize data and apply design methodologies for better experience. As a designer, I do not limit myself to a particular realm of design, as it is not the medium but the creative scope of the project that drives me. I have learned that there is always a room for improvement. I’m a curious guy; I think curiosity, the urge to know, is a powerful force and is perhaps the best secret spark of all in the struggle to unravel the workings of the world. I still remember my old days when I was in 6th grad, I created fire alarm from just reading my sister’s electronics subject books. Here in Webonise, We work on ideas all the time and we take all the time that we need to get everything nailed down. Another good thing about being at Webonise is the fact that I work with equally talented and approachable designers, they enhance the whole experience all together. My favorite part in being a designer? When clients use the products that we built and say, “Guys, this really made my life better.” Priceless.


Design Rule: Do not limit yourself to a particular realm of design, as it is not the medium but the creative scope of the project that matters.

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