Designer’s block. Almost every designer we know has had one, Webonise Designers were not exempt. Todays blog comes again from Martin Cristaldo, hopefully his inspiration list will help you beat the block. Stay inspired!


Vintage wheels

Bicicletas Vintage Uruguay featured on Webonise Weekly Design

All things retro and vintage are making a comeback. My favorite one so far has got to be vintage bicycles. My eyes lit up the moment I found out about Bicicletas Vintage. Bicicletas Vintage specializes in restoring old bicycles; taking bicycles that were worn out looking and making them like new again. They’re really cool, I really wish I had one that to send them to restore.

Look for them on Facebook: Bicicletas Vintage Uruguay



Interstellar featured on the Webonise Weekly Design

Although Interstellar is a 3-hour long movie, its still a must see! It revolves around a hypothesis about the end of the world and how humans are making an attempt to ensure humanity’s survival. This movie will leave you thinking about a lot of things! It deals with gravity, 5 dimension worlds and time control, among other things.  That’s why you can’t miss it. I think it’s a really great movie.

Image from: Review of Interstellar on


Jason de Caires Taylor’s The Silent Evolution

The Silent Evolution by Jason de Caires Taylor

A few weeks ago I went to the only underwater museum in the world, located in Cancún, México. This amazing masterpiece, called ‘The Silent Evolution,’ was built by an equally amazing artist named Jason de Caires Taylor. The museum features hundreds of human statues on the seafloor.  There are a few notions associated with exploring the depths of the sea, one is that you’ll find nothing but an endless abyss. After seeing all those human statues 15 meters underwater, that notion will no longer occur to me.

More photos of artificial reefs in the world here: The Silent Evolution by Jason de Caires Taylor


Illustration - Rodrigo Acevedo

Illustration by Rodrigo Acevedo featured on Webonise Weekly Design

Rodrigo is an amazing illustrator from Uruguay, he’s a great artist and a former art classmate of mine. There’s so much detail in his drawings, displaying his extensive capacity and incredible talent. His portfolio is definitely worth checking out.

Check out: Rodrigo Acevedo’s Portfolio on Facebook


365 Times Me

365 veces yo by Luciano Featured on Webonise Weekly Design

This is a very cool project! What the photographer did was took a selfie everyday for one year in different locations, showing different day to day situations. From one picture at a bar, to another photo while taking a shower, his creative photos goes on. Enjoy!

All 365 Selfies at Flickr: 365 veces yo by Luciano


Martin Cristaldo - Webonise Designer

"Take advantage of the time you've been in this world when thinking about a design, each thing you know can be an inspiration."

Martin Cristaldo - Webonise Designer Featured on Webonise Weekly DesignI enjoy working at Webonise. My experience here has helped me grow as a designer, especially because of the help of my colleagues and the challenges I have faced. Webonise has also provided me with the opportunity to work for big clients, exposing me to bigger projects with bigger demands. In my free time I love to play soccer, travel and share a beer, if you drink a beer with somebody it tastes better.

Design theme: Less is more.

Design Rule: Think like a user, execute like a designer.

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