For me, inspiration can come from a variety of sources. First is nature, which is undeniably refreshing and re-energizing. From the calm sound of waves to the scenic beauty of mountains, there’s no doubt, you’ll draw inspiration from our natural world.

I also experience similar sentiments of inspiration from the beauty of intricate and alluring creative design. Made possible by rapidly-advancing technology that’s readily available to the public, the internet offers a number of creative outlets.

I have elaborated on some of my own personal inspirations--some from nature, others from design. Read on below!




Pinterest, which operates like a hyped-up photo sharing platform, is one particular website that’s made creating inspiration boards more fun and accessible.  What makes it even better is the fact that it serves as a visually-stimulating resource for almost everything you may need. Cooking, photography, fashion, jewelry and even UI-UX--they have it covered. I have nothing to complain, really. The site’s design and interaction are smooth and continuously updated. Join me and let’s pin away!


Quilling Art


Quilling, or paper filigree, is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that are looped, curled and twisted, then shaped to create intricate embellishments. These small and finely-detailed pieces of art can be used to decorate greeting cards, pictures, and boxes. You can even make a 3D doll! The most popular and versatile technique is rolling, which makes use of a tool called a quilling needle.

I actually don’t know how to make paper filigree, but I’d love to! I’m adding paper strips to my grocery checklist to start on this new and inspiring hobby.



As a first-time mother of an 8-month old baby, I cherish each and every moment I spend with my child. I wanted to capture those memories and keep them forever, and Hell’o-baby was an incredibly fast and easy solution. Basically, the site serves as a tool for parents to keep their baby pictures compiled in an interactive album. I have all of my baby’s records with me, all I have to do is upload them onto the site.

Besides primary offering, Hell’o-baby also has design elements that I admire, such as their Parallax scrolling. This effect doesn’t work for all sites, but on this platform, it’s impressive and makes the art of storytelling more exciting.


Underwater World


The diversity of aquatic life is astounding. Although its vastness can be overwhelming, the mind-blowing and varied colors, textures and creatures make an underwater trip well worth it.


For the longest time, I’ve viewed fish as a source of food, never a pet or something that inspires. It all changed when I saw a fish tank filled with beautiful, brightly-colored fish. It captured my attention so I thought: I better have one of my own! Four fish tanks later, I’m still feeling the urge to get another.


Living and Breathing

“All the hardships you have to endure while giving birth melts away as soon as you get to see and hold your baby.”

For me, that’s true!

When I gave birth to my son, all I could think about is how I wanted the very best for him. All my priorities shifted and all of my decisions now are geared toward providing him with a bright future.

What do I enjoy the most as a mother? Every moment I get to spend with my baby! I can still remember the first time I got to look into his eyes, hold him in my arms, cradle him to sleep and see him smile. It was heavenly!

He’s my inspiration for everything.



Mitushi Shah - Webonise UI/UX Designer


 "I don't design for designers; I design for people."

It’s been more than 3 years since I started working at Webonise as UI designer. I learned a lot of things in this journey. I have worked mainly in the sports domain, which has been an incredible experience. My mantra? I don't design for designers; I design for people. My focus is to creatively work across domains and platforms to simplify unnecessary complexity.

I am quite energetic and talkative, which helps me adapt in all sorts situations. I also enjoy dancing and decorating my house.


Design Theme: Simplicity, Flat colors, Pastel shades

Design Rule: DESIGN is not just what it looks like and feels like. DESIGN is how it works!

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