“…design isn’t about making something look better; it’s about moving someone to action.” - Hillman Curtis

Things that push the boundaries of technology to create new experiences, concepts that go beyond the expected to reach new places and those that make us believe magic is real; these are what inspiration is like for Webonise Designer Oswaldo Vasquez. Curious on what’s in store for this week’s design inspiration list? So are we! We won’ keep you for long then, here is it!  

Moment Factory

Moment Factory Moment Factory has some of the most interesting projects and clients on their portfolio, they create multimedia environments for museums, attraction parks, concerts and even for airports. Their work involves the simultaneous use of a number of areas in design such as graphic design, motion design and 3D in one project. The results? Always mind blowing! Find it here: Interactive Demo Reel by Moment factory  

Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis He is the craziest and funniest guy to watch while speaking on a conference. He’s full of energy and everyone watching him will learn a lot of things from him. I like to think of him as one of the first open source pioneers. Back in the years of flash he released all his editable files and taught how to use his techniques to create generative graphics, maybe flash is dead but he is it's definitely more active than ever through Hype, a Processing library that can work with JavaScript. Find it here: Hypeframework.org  


offf Offf is more than just a festival. It’s a once in a year gathering of highly sought-after creative individuals who have all made a mark in the world. Oh wait, scratch that! It’s more than just a gathering, really. It’s a collaborative event that feeds the future with the ideas of the most creative people we have today. They reunite in Barcelona for 3 days of art, technology and creativity and for the rest of the year, they travel the world! What more can you ask for?

Find it here: http://www.offf.ws  

Daito Manabe


Daito Manabe is an artist from Japan whose awesome projects often create new interactions between human and hardware. In this secret live performance held in Tokyo, Daito displays his incredible talent of hacking Nike shoes to produce music. Who could have thought you can use shoes to produce sound this good! Cool isn’t it? Find it here: Nike Music Shoes  

Sagmeister & Walsh

Walsh It might be the digital era already but this talented duo doesn’t make use of such innovations in their work. Sagmeister already has a place in design history books but his latest masterpieces with his new business partner Jessica Walsh brings back visual illusions that will make you ask, “Is this real or photoshopped?” Spoiler alert: They are definitely real! Find it here: Aishti Fall/Winter 2013 on Behance  

The Boxtrolls

Stop Motion Known to be perhaps the most ambitious and large-scale stop-motion film ever made, The BoxTrolls is an infusion of different techniques in animation creation. From traditional handcrafted animations, to computer graphics and 3D, a lot of work has gone to its production but once you’ve seen the film, you’ll know that it’s worth it! I’m a big fan of stop-motion and I consider this technique of creating animations a challenge for your mental health. Why? Well an entire day’s work will only get you a few seconds in the film. But for an animation this good, who cares how long it takes to make it? Find it here: Unpacking The Stop-Motion Magic Of "The Boxtrolls"  

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire Besides their awesome music, Arcade Fire is also popular for interacting with their fans in a fun and unique way. But what sets them entirely apart is their love for producing impressively interactive music videos. They go beyond the usual, which makes watching their videos a very pleasant experience. Find it here: Arcade Fire's latest interactive video asks you to direct its visual effects--and take a selfie.  

Mailchimp UX team

Mailchimp-Monkey In the MailChimp UX Newsletter, the Mailchimp UX team talks about how to create and design nice experiences for users. Each ‘issue’ of the UX newsletter tackles a unique topic, which are impressively illustrated with a highly related graphic (or gif, if they feel like being a bit playful). If you have used MailChimp you already know that using this platform is like working with a good pal who knows great animation, speaks a great language and has the best UX. Find it here: The UX Newsletter  

User Experience Awards

Muse Solving real customer problems doesn't have to be ugly! That's what the UX Awards continuously tries to prove on its yearly awards event that celebrates technologists who deliver the best in UX innovations, highlighting exceptional UX best practices. This year’s line-up of winners is an impressive list of companies and organizations that were able to solve issues brought about by users through exceptional experience. It’s a treat to browse through them. Find it here: 2014 UX Awards winners  

Mr. Kone

Mr Kone Mr Kone is a Mexican illustrator who has had the opportunity to work for numerous magazines and well-known brands in different industries. I love his style and his character; it shows through in all of his works. He’s definitely someone the young designers of this generation should look up to. Find it here: Mr Kone image: http://wwww.mrkone.com.mx/images/new2012/mrkone_nike_mexico-1.jpg


Oswaldo Vasquez – Webonise Designer

ozTo be a part of Webonise is a life changing experience for me. For the past 2 years, I have had the chance to work with such wonderful people and be part of talented teams and fun projects. I get to learn something new every day. There’s no shortage of challenging yet fun stuff here! My UX design career has definitely flourished the moment I became a ‘Weboniser!’   Design Theme: Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. Design Rule: No matter what you do, always work with a theme in mind. Follow me: https://twitter.com/zorazky

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