Technology is revolutionary and so is design. Whenever technology moves ahead of its game, design almost always follows. Its as if they are always in perfect unison. This week’s curation of design inspirations will leave you at awe at how advanced technology is nowadays and how design has made quite a journey as well.



Technology advances at such a tremendous speed that smart watches are now a thing of the past. What’s the next big thing? Virtual Reality. Big players are in it, Google, Facebook and now, Microsoft. Microsoft’s new HoloLens, takes things to the next level and presents the possibility of seamlessly integrating both real and virtual worlds like never before. You can play Minecraft over your entire living room, design toys, print in 3d or even explore Mars! There’s endless possibilities for this new technology. Be ready the world is about to change again.

Watch how Holograms can transform your world: Microsoft HoloLens - Transform your world with holograms




Are you familiar with Molecular Gastronomy? If you’ve been watching Top Chef, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this in action. Remember when one of the contestants used liquid nitrogen to cook an egg? Yes. That’s how Molecular Gastronomy revolutionized the food scene. But new cooking techniques go way beyond with Nuna. Nuna is a popsicle. But not your ordinary kind of popsicle. The shape is insane, thanks to the genius collaboration of Architect Manu Kumar and Designer Stefan Gandi. It’ll be available at select cities, but wouldn’t it be nice to see one of these Art Forms at your local stores?

Read more about Nuna: Nuna Turns the Popsicle Into An Art Form




Do you still remember when you finished your first website? I do and it was such a fulfilling moment for me. I was working with another developer that time. We were cutting all the visual into small pieces and then we would try to put them all together with tables. Looking back, I can definitely say that a lot of things has changed now. The painstaking amount of work you have to do before to create a website maybe the same as to how it is now but there are a lot of tools available now that can make the work easier. Let’s go on ride through memory lane and appreciate the evolution of website creation since their early days in 1989. The Evolution of Website Creation: A brief history of web design for designers



Vinyl is back! Or it never went out of style, really. To make the release of Extraterrestria ‘extra’ special, DJ Qbert turned one of the jacket inserts into a controller for Agoriddim’s day iOS app. Its an album cover and console in one. Isn’t that just cool?

Watch it in action here: Interactive album artwork doubles as a DJ controller

Power Glove


Wearable technology is the latest frontier on UX, but first attempts were actually made two decades ago. One of those attempts is the Power Glove. When I first saw the Power Glove two decades ago, I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! It immediately became a constant part of my Christmas wish lists for many years. Today, seeing “Robot Chicken” animator Dillon Markey’s work on his Power Glove is like a dream come true. Although I didn’t get to have one myself, seeing it in action made up for it. This is the perfect example of what wearables should be, useful and awesome!

See Dillon Markey’s customized Power Glove: A "Robot Chicken" Animator Turned A Nintendo Power Glove Into The Ultimate Stop-Motion Animation Tool


ux_list Last year was great year for UX and UI. A bunch of new ideas were brought forth by well-known and up and coming designers. New products and tools were launched to help designers design and collaborate even better. New techniques were introduced and welcomed into the design community. This list for me is the best curation of the most important ideas brought by 2014. I can’t wait for what 2015 has to offer! The full list here: The 7 Most Important UI and UX Ideas of 2014


Oswaldo Vasquez – Webonise Designer

Webonise Designer Oswaldo VasquezTo be a part of Webonise is a life changing experience for me. For the past 2 years, I have had the chance to work with such wonderful people and be part of talented teams and fun projects. I get to learn something new every day. There’s no shortage of challenging yet fun stuff here! My UX design career has definitely flourished the moment I became a ‘Weboniser!’

Design Theme: Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible.

Design Rule: No matter what you do, always work with a theme in mind.

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