When was the last time you took the time to stop, look and listen? It might surprise you if you really thought about it.  We hope to motivate you to take the time and appreciate the things that surround you.   At Webonise we encourage our team to create lists and we hope it inspires you to make your own list of inspirations.  If so we'd love to hear about it!

Have a look at Webonise Designer Rahul Kulkarni’s list of design aesthetics below to get your creative juices flowing.


Ready Mag

Screenshot 2014-10-14 22.48.46

Everyone can be a publisher and ReadyMag has the perfect solution to make that happen. Through ReadyMag, you can create any kind of interactive digital publication such as a microsite, magazine, slide, presentation and portfolio, without the need for complicated coding. You just have to click, drag, drop, scroll, swipe and have fun!

What I like about it is that its very intuitive and user friendly. Pre-designed templates are also available to get you acclimated to how you can make use of this tool to design your own.

Find it here: ReadyMag.com


Paul Huges - 10 meters of thinking - The ABC of Communication

Paul Hughes is an internationally renowned Irish speaker/ storyteller. He teaches the learning process and the ABC's of communication through his videos. But what’s unique about his talks is that he simultaneously draws on 10 meters of paper while speaking. Through Ten Meters of Thinking, Paul’s one of a kind visual-verbal performance, he explores leadership, innovation and communication in order to stimulate individual and organizational development. It helps individuals and organizations understand their role in this continuously emerging world by making the complex simple.

“The solutions of the past do not answer the questions of today – we must create new knowledge. By creating new knowledge, organizations can adapt to the changing environment around them. This is the behavior of successful organizations.” - Paul Hughes

Watch it here: Ten Meters of Thinking: The ABC of Communication: Paul Hughes at TEDxInnsbruck


Vlada Soshkina

Hello fashion

Vlada Soshkina’s unique style of illustration proves that there isn’t always a need to do very fine, proportionate, highly detailed artwork all the time. Sometimes, we need to break the norm and do something outside the box. This is exactly how each piece finds its own style or flavor. This specific series has a distinct pattern which I appreciate a lot. It has inspired me to continue doodling and to always keep the artist in me alive.

Find it here: Hello Fashion by Vlada Soshkina on Behance


Archan Nair

Vogue magazine

I started my digital art in Mumbai when I was working with fylingcursor. As soon as I saw these illustrations on deviantart by an artist named Archan Nair my vision towards images immediately changed. I started playing with images on Photoshop to re-create my vision. It became a never ending practice and slowly, my style developed. Through this great medium I was able to continuously express myself regarding various subjects.

Find it here: Vogue Magazine by Archan Nair on Deviantart


displaying my fair share of digital art here as well. 

digi art


Screenshot 2014-10-14 23.39.36

Conjure is about streamlining the feedback process and to keep track of all the record. The visual treatment is impressive and simple to understand. You can directly add feedback onto the design, collaboration is efficient and you can effectively keep everyone up to date. This platform can also help in organizing your workflow.

Find it here: www. Conjure.io


Nostalgic Cars

Car Icon

Use minimal elements and colors; that’s the key feature of this icon set. Line drawing and flat colors create more visual impact. There’s something about the flat icon style of bikes and cars that I really like. Although I think minimal design is a bit more difficult than realistic, they still do have an appeal.

Find it here: Car Icon Set by Arzu Sendag on Behance


Kyoorius Designyatra 2014

Screenshot 2014-10-14 23.46.03

I recently attended Kyoorius Designyatra 2014 in Goa, India. Its a design conference for everyone. A lot of well known personalities came to attend it and share their experiences. One presentation that have really made a mark on me was the one entitled, ‘Internet of things - Super Shoes.’ Nowadays, we are enormously engrossed with our smartphones that we often forget to see and enjoy the many things around us.

SuperShoes - tickling shoes that facilitate urban rediscovery from Dhairya Dand on Vimeo.

Super Shoes is a brilliant concept created by Dhairya Dand based on this one liner. Super Shoes run on battery, it has a microcontroller and you can connect to it through bluetooth. It tickles you to navigate you to the right direction; it knows your persona, likes & dislikes and even your tasks and calendar. It tickles you to take you to your destination, isnt that cool?

Find it here: Designyatra.Kyoorius.com



Screenshot 2014-10-14 23.50.08 There’s a nice interplay of colors, visual elements and typography on their site. It definitely has all the elements to engage visitors and keep them onsite. I also noticed how clean their site looks and I think their effective use of spacing throughout the site, in all pages, icons and images used.  I think that is what helped them pull off this clean and impactful.

Find it here: www.linksture.com


The world through my lens!

I have always had an eye for good compositions. Through my camera I try to capture unusual and unique incidences. I also love to take photos of people and the nature around me. I experiment with various frames, colours, forms, objects and emotions I experience every day. One day it can be capturing the green mountains then creating a series with my wayfarer or crocs the next day. It's fun to share what I see with my friends and followers. I'm still an amateur but I love photography and I'm keen to learn more! Please stay  updated on my works through my instagram account.

camera pic


Rahul Kulkarni - Webonise UI Designer

"Design is the conscious effort to impose a meaningful order."

Rahul Kulkarni - Webonise DesignerIts been 2 years! Working at Webonise has taught me a lot of things. One aspect of it that I really love is the fact that I was able to work on various projects and learn about the latest design trends such as parallax scrolling, responsive sites and mobile applications. But most important of all is that, I learned how important detailed work is. No matter how good a design is, if it is sloppily made, it would make the cut.

Beyond the office you will find me on the cricket ground either watching a match or talking about cricket. Well, I must say I love the game of cricket! I am a wildlife lover, a traveller, good illustrator and a good observer. I also like to capture unique moments with my camera.

Design Theme: Minimalistic, Simple and Clean

Design Rule: Keep your mind open and your eyes will observe new things that inspire!

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