Senior Project Manager

What we’re looking for


Webonise: JD for Technical Project Manager

Designation: Senior Project Manager.

About the Role:
We are looking for a delivery focused, Technical Project Manager with demonstrable experience of working on complex IT projects within a variety of clients. This will be hands-on technical project management with a focus on delivery of projects and working closely with the various stakeholders to get results. You will be working across a broad portfolio of technical projects working to structured delivery methodologies (Agile & Scrum). You will gain exposure to exciting technological projects within a prestigious client base.
Technical managers are responsible for research and technical analyses, supporting the DeliveryTeam. technical managers have a role in managing and supervising the work of technical managers, developing project proposals, ensuring the technical quality of the various deliverables of the project while understanding the political and strategic aspects of it – contributing to staff development and contributing to the leadership of Webonise Lab.

What you will be Handling:

  • The primary responsibility of the Technical Project Manager will be to work with Pre-Sales &
  • Engineering teams to implement and enhance delivery and related processes and tasks.
  • Strong Project Management in Agile-SCRUM & Estimation Skills
  • Managing a portfolio of projects on the basis of initial and ongoing direction of and discussion with stakeholders
  • Being involved and providing input in the development of project proposals for the relevant proactive work, and where relevant, providing ideas for the development of the due process projects
  • Raising major issues, sharing concerns, and reporting back on a project progress to the relevant stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Presenting and submitting the various deliverables to the relevant stakeholders for review and approval
  • For the major stages of proactive projects and for major due process projects, organizing and conducting debriefing meetings to evaluate the project, and identify lessons learnt for current or future projects
  • Signaling resource allocation needs
  • Quality Control
    • Ensuring the technical quality of the various project deliverables, while understanding the wider risks associated with the work, including the political and strategic aspects of it.
    • Reviewing the team work, and providing feedback to the project team including customers.
  • Directing and supporting teams in their development, including their technical skills
  • Discussing the technical managers’ work progress on a regular and interactive basis
  • Helping project teams grow in their work
  • Giving input for the project teams performance assessment
  • Being involved in the recruitment process
  • Contributing to a positive atmosphere and culture in the office.
  • Contributing to the leadership of Webonise Lab
  • Participating in the management team, where relevant, according to responsibilities, and depending on the issues being discussed;
  • Representing Webonise Lab at external meetings and events

What will you bring along:

  • Key Credentials:
    • Should have experience of at least 9+ Yrs. of IT / Relevant experience.
    • Thorough understanding and knowledge of Agile project Methodology and project management processes as Initiating, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling,closing.
    • Practices and adheres to strong agile project management principles during development
    • Excellent verbal and communication skills.
    • Experience in building new team from scratch, and maturing them with leadership.
  • Key Expertise:
    • Should have practiced Object oriented methodology and Functional programming.
    • Experience with planning and managing projects using open source technologies like Java, J2EE, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, NodeJs, Scala, Clojure, Python etc., and have seen transitions to 2 or more different technologies.
    • Experience with managing customer requirements and managing accounts.
    • Should have managed small to mid-sized teams, spread across various team members like Design, quality assurance and engineering.
    • Involvement for initiating new processes and technologies.