Check-in for Good, a digital fundraising and location based advertising application, spent ‘Giving Tuesday’ presenting a new look to coincide with its shift in focus towards non-profit organizations. The more advanced Check-in for Good gives non-profits additional resources to leverage their business relationships in a meaningful way. Instead of asking for direct sponsorships or donations, non-profits can offer increased customer traffic to supporting businesses and provide trackable marketing metrics in return for physical ‘check-in’ donations.

Giving Tuesday signifies a perfect ‘launch’ date for us,” said Lia Reich, media relations director for Check-in for Good. “With the holidays around the corner, and the year coming to a close, we are arming non-profits with new functionalities that will help them hit their year-long fundraising goals.”

“When we started Check-in for Good we knew we would have to adapt along the way,” said Rob Katz, co-founder and CEO Check-in for Good. “We believe the best way to encourage people to make a difference is to simplify the process as much as possible. With the immense growth in technology, we have more ammunition than ever to make that happen.”

Check-in for Good plans to continue building lasting partnerships that will help to simplify and streamline the fundraising process. In September, Check-in for Good announced their partnership with GuideStar, a 501 (c3) that collects, organizes and provides non-profit information to donors around the world. The partnership provides Check-in for Good users the ability to financially support any of the 1.8 million registered charities in GuideStar’s database through physical, business check-ins or social, crowd-funding campaigns.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Check-in for Good,” said Bunkie Righter, business development director for GuideStar, the leading source of nonprofit information. “Check-in for Good provides a convenient and creative way for people to support causes while going about their daily lives, and they can feel assured knowing that GuideStar provided the high-quality, trusted nonprofit information at their fingertips.”

About Check-in for Good:

Check-in for Good, www.checkinforgood.com, is an LLC, formed in October 2011. Our mission is to provide the most effective fundraising and awareness tool for causes; and be a traffic driver and social marketing tool for retail business. The digital platform leverages the power of groups through emerging mobile, social and location-based technology. Check-in for Good operates out of Raleigh, N.C. Visit us on Twitter @checkinforgood.

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