About Us

Webonise is a product development consultancy with a team of 200 talented software engineers, usability experts, and business analysts. We are a fun, talented team who love working together and have a passion for building remarkable software that people love to use. We are proud to be able to contribute to our clients’ successes, the digital ecosystem, and in improving the lives of our staff and their families.


We grow customers’ businesses with beautiful, state-of-the-art applications.

Our Values

  • People

    We maintain a fun, positive, energetic work environment that fosters professional growth and strengthens working relationships.
  • Passion

    We are committed to understanding client needs through our belief that technology provides a path to a better world.
  • Accountability

    We take personal responsibility for our actions and diminish risk of failure through a constant communication with clients from the beginning to the end of all projects.
  • Integrity

    We respect and value individuals by embracing diverse cultures, backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and ideas.
  • Success

    We deliver positive results for our clients by learning from the past and collaborating change for the future.

Our Global Approach

Webonise puts a premium on strong communication and long-term relationships with clients. As an international company, we have offices in the US, UK, India and Canada and serve clients in 10 different countries worldwide. Our global approach provides our clients with great communication, around the clock development cycles, and the ability to customize a team to meet our clients strategic and affordability goals.

How We Work

  • With you from concept to launch.

    We will work closely with you from brainstorming product development all the way to the last mile of delivery.
  • Resources to fit your needs.

    Whether it is our UI design team, our mobile team, our web engineers or our quality assurance teams, we have all the talent to make sure your project is executed professionally.
  • Using rigorous process.

    We use agile development, daily scrums, daily client progress reports, and two week sprint planning meetings.
  • Strong communication.

    Everyone is better off with an open, transparent, and accountable relationship.

Our Team

We are a company founded on wildly talented staff. Selective hiring, strong benefits, and bootcamp training ensure we have a disciplined team full of top talent that few firms can match. As a result, we tackle big problems and help our clients build ground-breaking products.

  • Rob Katz Rob Katz
    Rob Katz CEO
  • Saurav Mishra Saurav Mishra
    Saurav Mishra COO
  • Rich Davis Rich Davis
    Rich Davis EVP Technology
  • Craig Lightfoot Craig Lightfoot
    Craig Lightfoot VP of Engineering
  • Vijay Kumbhar Vijay Kumbhar
    Vijay Kumbhar VP of Engineering
  • Sachidanand Kulkarni Sachidanand Kulkarni
    Sachidanand Kulkarni VP of HR & Culture
  • Nayan Deshmukh Nayan Deshmukh
    Nayan Deshmukh Creative Director
  • Bhuvan Khanna Bhuvan Khanna
    Bhuvan Khanna EVP - Products and Strategic Partnerships
  • Atul Jadhav Atul Jadhav
    Atul Jadhav VP of Products and Delivery
  • Bob Young Bob Young
    Bob Young Director
  • Doug Rye Doug Rye
    Doug Rye Director
  • Mazhar Khan Mazhar Khan
    Mazhar Khan VP - Technology Consulting
  • Chandralekha Tanwar Chandralekha Tanwar
    Chandralekha Tanwar Key Account Manager
  • Rudramuni Patil Rudramuni Patil
    Rudramuni Patil Principal Product Manager
  • David Holder David Holder
    David Holder Controller
  • Dana Smith Dana Smith
    Dana Smith Creative Director
  • Ameya Kulkarni Ameya Kulkarni
    Ameya Kulkarni VP of Engineering


At Webonise, we understand that the success of our organization is a direct result of working together as a team. Here, you will find challenging projects and smart people to help bring them to life. Interested in joining our team? Send us a resume at careers@webonise.com