“No”-- It’s a harsh word. So short, yet so harsh. The word “no” doesn't necessarily have to be dismissive, negative, or bad. The word, “no” can at times lead us to our best ideas or alter our thinking to elevate our products.

As product managers, we want the best for your product. It’s important to keep things on track, on time, and keeping your product features relevant. In order to achieve these ideals, difficult conversations about the product are often needed to be had. And what can make these conversations difficult are that they include the use of, “no.”

In this podcast, our Creative Director, Erin Essex tells us in her own words what the benefits are to saying “no” and how to do it successfully in (sometimes) uncomfortable situations. Thanks to Mike Fishbein at This is Product Management for hosting.




In the podcast Erin mentioned the Priority Matrix exercise. Here is the video for that activity.