Daily Racing Form continues its legacy! As the leading source of information, analysis and content in the Horse Racing industry for more than 120 years, Daily Racing Form or DRF can’t pass on the opportunity to continuously improve its delivery to the digital audience. As the world moves from print to digital, DRF recognized the need for an early transition and we are very glad to have been a major part of it.

As DRF’s Technology Partner, our first response right after Todd Unger, DRF’s Chief Digital Officer, and Chris Mattia, their Chief Technology Officer, got in touch with us was to come up with the right strategy to get to know the business better and deliver exactly what their customers need. It gave us the opportunity to receive first-hand experience of how the company operates. DRF opened its doors to us and showed us where every news article and video is made. They also introduced us to the people behind it. We were able to get a glimpse of how the marketing and sales teams do their magic and how the technology team supports this massive operation.

As part of DRF’s digital team, the road to DRF’s print to digital transformation took us 18 months of conceptualizing, designing, developing and supporting 7 new digital products for DRF.

A look at what we built together:


The “New” DRF.com

DRF.com | Webonise

The new player centric web portal was conceptualized after multiple brainstorming sessions with the DRF’s digital team. It was designed at Webonise after spending months understanding the domain and the direction DRF intends to take.

The new homepage represents DRF's commitment to helping its customers in raising their game. The design, development and launch happened in less than 45 days, making what some call a "mini-miracle" inside DRF. It stood up brilliantly to the 2 million page views it got during the Breeder’s Cup event on Nov 1st, 2014.

“Thanks for the tremendous effort everyone gave to pull this off in 2 months (New DRF Home Page), especially Bhuvan and the Webonise team.” - Chris Mattia, CTO – Daily Racing Form

The plan is to eventually replace the complete DRF.com website with a more engaging, data and analysis driven experience for their customers. We are going to leverage the expert analysis and opinions of the DRF reporters on the field and merge that with contextual data from past races to create a comprehensive picture for the users, that will be more engaging and will result in more conversions for DRF’s data and wagering services.


DRF Live!

DRF Live! | Webonise

The only “Live" news feed in the horse racing Industry.

DRF Live! is a new initiative that seeks to provide a continuous stream of live news directly from the racetracks. It marks the shift in mindset of the seasoned DRF Reporters and Handicappers across the country. From 800 word articles to 400 character nuggets, DRF Live! took everyone by surprise when it hosted the 14-hour marathon Live Video coverage of Breeders' Cup 2014.

“Thank you so much for everything you’ve put into making our DRF Live show a huge success. I think we witnessed something extraordinary, and in digital terms, disruptive.” - Todd Unger, Chief Digital Officer - Daily Racing Form.

Its powerful live video streaming capabilities along with real-time updates backed by DRF’s world-class video and content production teams make DRF Live! a must have for every horseplayer.



DRF Ticketmaker | Webonise

The Exotic Wagering App™.

It is a simple to use application that allows users to formulate highly optimized bets. It was released in early Jan 2014 just before the Annual National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.

The legacy Ticketmaker was a great product in itself but due to its lack of ability to support Mobile, we had to redesign it through the Mobile First Approach. The resulting product has better user experience, supports mobile devices and reflects the fresh and new digital image we helped realize for DRF.



DRF Formulator | Webonise

Handicap races anywhere you go.

The Tablet version of DRF’s premium data product. It is an advanced data analysis tool that can be highly customized and configured to cater to every horseplayer’s needs.

The earlier version of Formulator did not support tablets. So, as a part of DRF’s digital strategy, Webonise built the new DRF Formulator that is fully optimized for tablets, and supports most of the desktop version features with a much cleaner user experience.



DRF Pro | Webonise

DRF Digital App | Webonise

PRO is the ubiquitous horse racing information platform that has a fully responsive web portal along with apps on the Apple and Google Play store. It amounts to more traffic than any other DRF digital property online.

To efficiently cater to the growing number of DRF customers, DRF Pro provides customers, instant access to the latest Entries, Results and Live Odds. Real-time analysis and insights are now readily accessible for DRF members. How could it get any better?  Well it can! Further updates are in progress. This only means DRF Pro continues to get better in serving the needs of handicappers at home and on the go.

Daily Racing Form, the most trusted name in horse racing for more than 120 years, has successfully built a thriving digital platform to help horse players play better and win more, wherever they are. But it was not an easy feat, since all of their internal processes, infrastructure and existing technology were streamlined to cater to the publishing and distribution of news in print. Going digital meant changing all of these to accommodate publishing to the digital medium, challenging what the company has been accustomed to for the many years it has thrived as the leading source of content, data and analysis in the Horseracing industry.

But through their utmost dedication and by staying true to what they promised to deliver to their customers, DRF was able to thrive and meet the demand of keeping up with the progressive nature of technology. No matter how many years have gone by, and transformations it has gone through, DRF remains the Turf Authority of America, only stronger and better! Now, that’s a legacy!


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