Many software development teams have historically segregated operations like systems administration, testing, release management, and coding. These separations can result in inefficiencies and miscommunication about how to coordinate infrastructural requirements with software applications.

Devops (or engineers who are aware of and active in these various domains) work to make sure that operations and release management takes into account the complexities of the software applications they support.

Webonise provides devops as a service for teams who want to automate the deployment, hosting, and monitoring of software applications.

Webonise provides full lifecycle support for all steps of the software development, release, and production support process, but offers these services independently of one another as needed.


If we are building an application for you, devops will get acquainted with the application’s load requirements and topology right from the beginning of the project. If we are interfacing with an existing application, we will sit with your team to understand the technologies involved and the performance and deployment pain points.

Establish a team and plan

We’ll put together a team that satisfies your load, security, and uptime requirements.

Provision and configure servers

We believe that server configurations should be trackable, repeatable, reliable processes. We use tools like Chef and Docker to ensure that we can repeat, track, and document your infrastructure.

Automate application deployments

Test load

Tweak your infrastructure to meet your needs.

Continuous integration

Set up continuous integration to monitor application quality for new changes.

Deploy application

Monitor application

Monitor the application for security threats, load problems, or other bottlenecks.


Based on our monitoring, tweak your infrastructure to meet your needs.

Continuous deployments (optional)

Why wait for weeks or months to deliver new enhancements to your customers? We can automatically deploy changes on a continual basis for you as you approve them.



  • Architectural diagrams and/or source code
  • Current documentation
  • Client project coordinator


  • Understand infrastructure and architecture
  • Analyze the environment for
    • Security
    • Scalability
    • Sustainability
    • Automation friendliness
  • Find areas of improvement in current landscape
  • Assess your current maturity and decide on the scope


  • Analysis report with recommendations
  • DevOps scope
  • Roadmap for adopting or improving your enterprise DevOps capability

Monitoring and Control

TYPE: Infrastructure Monitoring ACTIVITIES:
  • Compute resources
  • Storage and Network
  • Measure inventory usage
  • Health of infrastructure's resources
  • Nagios, Zabbix & Sensu
  • Data Transfer
  • Disk Usage
  • CPU Utilization
  • AWS CloudWatch & StackDriver
  • Datadog
TYPE: Application Performance Monitoring (APM) ACTIVITIES:
  • Target bottlenecks with your application's framework
  • Pinpoint precisely where and when bottlenecks are occurring
  • New Relic & AppDynamics
  • Compuware APM & Boundary
TYPE: Monitoring Across the Stack ACTIVITIES:
  • Monitoring platform data aggregation
  • Cross analysis
  • BigPanda
  • PagerDuty

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