Daily Racing Form (DRF) was a traditional media company that caters to the horseracing industry until it made the digital transition - from operating based on conventional processes to becoming a modern day publication enterprise. What sets it apart are the digital products that it has launched to help handicappers raise their game, among them is DRF Formulator (Formulator).

The Challenge

The most efficient way of displaying PP’s

Handicapping becomes more efficient when horse players are given the most detailed account on all horses, trainers, jockeys and results of all of their previous runs. The Formulator application seeks to dominate in this area. Its main feature is to showcase the “Past Performance” (PP) of a runner (horse) on DRF. Provided by the Equibase Company, this information is extensive and without a customized platform that can hold that much data, without looking cluttered and disorganized, it can create confusion and frustration among its users. Formulator needed a platform that would cater to its specific needs, support DRF’s growing mobile clientele and provide a smooth user experience while preserving DRF’s fresh new image.

This is where Webonise came in.

The Solution

A highly customizable application for every horseplayer’s preferences

All of DRF’s digital products are developed with the *Mobile First approach in mind, including Formulator. To deliver Formulator, Webonise employed Java web services with Spring and Hibernate framework, arriving at a product that is fully optimized for tablets. It supports most of the desktop version features along with a cleaner and seamless user experience. The Mobile app, on the other hand, is based on Sencha, a JavaScript Mobile framework.

Customizability is Formulator’s most prominent feature. Everything within the application is made to adapt to whichever preferences a handicapper has. It gives every horseplayer the feeling of exclusivity; the power to engineer your own PPs to suit your needs is all in your hands!

*An approach in web design and development wherein designs for smaller screens (mobile devices) are done first; then more features for bigger screens (desktop and laptop) are added later on.

    The Result

    The most in-depth horse racing analysis tool to date

    The new Formulator now provides great deliverance to its users; letting handicappers view their PPs exactly how they want to. Data is displayed based entirely on his/her handicapping preferences. Note writing has also become a part of Formulator - gone are the days that you need to write on a piece of paper - you can do it directly on Formulator. With just one click, you are given unlimited access to charts and race replays within Formulator, saving you tons of time searching for online and offline resources. It doesn’t stop there! Formulator also serves as your gateway to quite a few powerful tools in handicapping such as the Trainer Pattern Tool, Sire & Pedigree Stats or Sibling Summary Report and Moss Pace and Bayer Speed Figures. Bottomline? Whichever way you want to play, DRF Formulator has all the right tools to help you raise your game.