Elearning Management System

Our elearning system give you the flexibility to build a system tailored to your individual needs. It's already in use by more than 10 million end users worldwide. This system makes it easy to create interactive chapters, tests, quizzes,and other method of delivering your learning materials. It also tracks learner's enrollment, monitors their progress, records test scores, and reports course interaction statistics.

What makes our elearning technology different?

Business Rules

Our software becomes your software. You get a lifetime license to build on top of our system.


You get a flat billing license; no more per-user or per-course pricing.


Create unique rules. Link to all your systems. Support complex membership environments. Whatever you need.


Both our technology model and our business model are built to support organizations at any scale.

Core Features for Users



  • Assessments
  • Slides and Video
  • Certifications
  • Mobile and Tablet responsive

Tools for Administrators


  • Admin Module
  • Course Creation
  • Reports
  • Certification Builder

Let’s get to work