GeekHours, a Webonise initiative aimed at bringing together developers and designers from all backgrounds who have a passion for technology and an idea they wish to bring to life, is on its 3rd installment and it was a huge success! With more than 100 people who turned up at the event, we’re absolutely thrilled that each GeekHours event is getting bigger and bigger. What started out as a platform that drives innovation, collaboration and creativity among Webonisers, has now become a community of like-minded individuals with an idea they truly care about and the passion to build it.  

The GeekHours Project

We are often too caught up with our regular projects that whenever a good idea hits us, the only choice we have is to keep it at the back of our minds and hope that we’ll have the time later to put it into action. But what usually happens? It stays an idea and never a realization. GeekHours seeks to provide a platform that will turn those ideas into real apps, products or solutions. GeekHours is also for those who would love to experience a refreshing break from the routine “work” schedule and do something out of passion for technology. We conveyed that the only motivation and driving factor is their idea itself and the promise of liberty. There are no strict rules and restrictions that may withhold participants from doing or thinking outside the box. Participants have full reigns on what they want to build and work on.  

GeekHours 3.0 – What’s new?

GeekHours has always been the same. To deliver the same experience yet offer something new and exciting was a welcomed challenge but the basic motive behind it remains unchanged throughout the years: to serve as a platform for developers and designers to bring their bottled up ideas to light and to hopefully build a product out of it. The only difference is perhaps the fact that it keeps getting bigger and better with more participants and even more creative and interesting concepts and ideas. Could you imagine that we had 25 teams presenting/demo-ing by the end of the 24 hour hackathon? We vowed not to share their app/products should they decide on pursuing them but we’re telling you, this hackathon produced a great set of apps/products. We can’t wait for any of them to officially launch!  

The Story behind the theme – “Johnnie Coder: Keep Coding”

Edited 9 This year’s event saw the birth of Johnnie Coder. But who’s Johnnie Coder? He’s no real mascot but he was inspired from the luxurious brand, Johnnie Walker. What really caught us was its tagline that says “Keep walking.” It’s a simple reminder to keep going, never give up and always move forward.  Thus we took those concepts in; changed Walker to Coder then Walking to Coding and arrived at our current theme which our attendees welcomed warmly!  

GeekHours 3. 0 - A brief rundown

Upon arrival As participants arrive at the venue, their entries were received and confirmed at the registrations desks and stamped with the official “ Geek Hours” stamp. Goodie bags, which contain some basic stationery, laptop stickers and Webonise t-shirts, were handed out to the attendees. High tea was also served. Let the coding begin! A quick welcome speech was given by Vivek Parihar, Webonise VP-Engineering, before everyone is given the signal to start coding. While everyone is buzzing through their devices to build their products, we made sure everyone has access to replenishments. Lunch and dinner were also served during the event, there’s nothing more productive than a Dev with a full stomach! The coding continued into the wee hours of the night with music blasting to keep everyone upbeat and well… awake. Kidding aside, presentations of the products started at 6 am the following day which went on until 10 AM.  A short thank you speech was given by Webonise Technology ManagerNishant Shrivastava to end the event after which everyone (as dead tired as could be) was dispersed.  

 Here are our Johnnie Coders in action! 

(Grab if you like, just tag us if you do!)

 Edited 1 Edited 2 Edited 3 Edited 4 Edited 6 Edited 5 edited 7 Are you a Johnnie Coder as well? Share your experience as well! We’d love to know how GeekHours turned your idea into a reality. Haven’t gone to GeekHours yet? Don’t worry we’re preparing a bigger and better one next year!  

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