Triangle Transit was a regional bus and overall transit agency for the locally surrounding cities. Triangle Transit, now known as GoTriangle, partnered with four other local public transit systems: Capital Area Transit, Cary Transit, Chapel Hill Transit, and Durham Area Transit Authority. Unifying under the name GoTransit, each agency was renamed and rebranded. GoTransit sought out a new central hub and a site for each partner.

The Challenge

Unify local transit services online to aid local commuter’s quality of transportation

The local transit agencies had worked together for years. Whether riders travel between the nearby cities or within their local community, our focus was to help users navigate the sprawling roads in a more visual and intuitive manner within a convenient package. Along with the local bus transportation there was a lot of information for users to navigate through to better understand how to be a smart commuter. All of this useful information was in scattered locations making it difficult to find what they truly wanted to see.

The Solution

Central design theme accentuated with incredible user experience

Our first course of action was to reach out to users to better understand what would make their commutes easier and more convenient online. With the user’s voice in mind, desktop and mobile pages were created side by side in order to ensure every screen would provide users with an optimal experience. We had six sites to create for this project. Creating them all fully responsive was a top priority. GoTransit served as the model site which allows users a more personalized commute experience by saving favorite routes, trips, and stops, to their user profile for convenient reference while on the go. Google Maps was in turn customized to make an intuitive map experience, to display connecting routes and a bus arrival time countdown. Last, but not least, GoSmart was reinvented with a focus for all transit-related resources such as vanpools, employer discounts, and cycling to help users be even smarter commuters. Some highlighted features from the overall project are:

  • Trip planner with Google Maps API integration
  • Visualization of route maps and schedules for a hands-on experience
  • Estimated time of arrivals with real-time bus arrival time updates
  • Service Alerts - get important updates about delays, detours, and more
  • MyRide - personalize what routes, stops, and service alerts YOU want to see on GoTransit
  • News section allows users to stay up to date on votes, surveys, and updates from the partners

    The Results

    Individualized brands with a distinct unifying mark

    A more personalized commute was achieved which gives control and time back to the commuters themselves. Now with a tap, a user can see how much longer it will really take for that bus to come. Important information like schedules and fares are easily found in the straightforward navigation. GoTransitGoTriangleGoDurhamGoRaleigh and GoSmart are all currently live and allow the GoTransit partners the ability to reach out to commuters in specific locations. GoSmart has filled the gap for overall commuting information; users can easily find all the information needed to learn how they can be smarter commuters. Each agency is able to maintain their own individual brands while bearing a central theme and are able to grow within their new sites. Beyond working with and showing off their new brand, Webonise worked hard to step-up the user experience for every type of rider.