At WWDC 2016, Apple announced some exciting new iOS 10 features. The team at Webonise is pretty psyched about the new features too.

We asked our CEO, Rob Katz, what he is looking forward to:

As a techie and avid peruser of the web I am constantly finding massive amounts of information that I need to share or collect for future research. Currently, the process for collecting these magical little portals involves quite a few steps to copy and paste into the appropriate document and share on various media. As you can imagine, this complicated process also leads to an increase in the probability of being involved in an accident, as I fumble through the many steps, oblivious to the many dangers that surround me.

It is for this reason that I am absolutely thrilled about a simple new feature in iOS 10 that will enable me to quickly share a link to notable content with my colleagues and myself for future reference. Although quite a simple feature this little enhancement will save me quite a bit time, when you consider the amount of browsing I do, and potentially prevent me from causing serious injury to my myself and others.

- Rob Katz

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