Here at Webonise, we value the importance of a solid education. The inability to go to school or prepare yourself a career, is a handicap few can surpass. Whenever we stop and try to foresee the professional future of our young ones, the role of school and a solid education comes to mind instantly. Granted, self-education is a powerful tool as well, and you never really stop doing it throughout your lifetime, but the basis… the main rock of your future development as a professional and a human being, resides in the years you spend in the classroom, scribbling at your desk.

That’s why, when we heard about the league of schools in and around Pune that have taken the initiative to educate underprivileged kids, we wanted to get involved. There’s only so much that these good-hearted teachers, who willingly put up extra hours for the sake of our children’s future well-being, can do. When it comes to equipment and materials – notebooks, pencils, backpacks – their hands are often tied.

Our employees have been given some pretty amazing opportunities that helped guide them on their path to success. We felt it was imperative to do something that would give students that same jump-start, so we teamed up with Seva Sahyog, a nonprofit organization that has been quite involved in helping schools that lack educational necessities. We offered our financial support, assembled and distributed school kits: notebooks, pencils, coloring books, and were overjoyed to see the gratitude in the eyes of the children who received them. We told each student to never give up. If you work hard, you will make your hopes, dreams and aspirations a reality. We told them that one day they will be the ones providing happiness and opportunity to deserving kids. By doing this, we hoped to give children the excitement of a new start, but also instill in them the responsibility they have to perform in the classroom.

We take our platform for social responsibility very seriously, and this year we extended that reach in our collaboration with Check-in for Good, one of our clients. When the Himalayan floods devastated Northern India, we immediately began gathering funds around the office to help the victims. When Check-in for Good came to us with the idea of a crowd-funding campaign, we were more than happy to participate. We have been working closely with the Check-in for Good team, developing their web and mobile applications and launching their campaign feature back in March 2013. We were excited to use the new campaign feature for ourselves!

When the United States was hit by some horrific tornados earlier this year, Check-in for Good had great success raising money for the Oklahoma victims. We used the platform we built to create an online campaign that made it easy for our friends and family, and other do-gooders, to provide financial support over the internet. We raised over 65,000 rupees(2,000 USD) in less than three weeks. A part of these funds went directly to Seva Sahyong to help the victims of the flood, as they already had a team of volunteers deployed in the affected areas. We donated the rest to Goonj, a well known nonprofit organization that has taken up the responsibility to help the flood affected area.

It was very rewarding to see our behinds the scenes work for Check-in for Good put into practice for our very own campaign. At Webonise we recognize the extent to which a simple act of kindness can make a difference, and so to end on some advice from technology great, Bill Gates, “From those to whom much is given, much is expected.”

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