Team Webonise goes beyond state-of-the-art software programming. We don’t just sit around talking about cloud computing and responsive design ALL day. We’re also adamant about Happy Hours and making the most of our time together (because that’s a lot of our time!)

So what does it take to be a Weboniser, to be a part of this forward thinking, super fun team?

Well, first and foremost, Webonisers have a will to create and innovate. It’s less of what you know and more of what you can know. A Weboniser is resilient, extremely passionate and at the same time open to criticism. So if you tend to get your feelings bruised every time someone tells you they don’t like the font you chose for that logo, maybe you’re not really cut out for this. Comfort zone is something that simply doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. When you’re trying to stay ahead, experimenting with new trends and new technology way before it hits the market, you don’t have time for comfort zones. This is a field where everything changes at the speed of light, and we don’t play catch up, so flexibility and the eagerness to be learning new things is key.

Fear not! You’re never left alone to tackle alien territory. We’re a cross-functional team, which means that everyone is held responsible. We don’t believe in simply reporting, but committing to finding the best solutions to the problems we face… as a team. We don’t just answer the questions that pop up in front of us, we ask new ones and tackle new learning opportunities. So if you don’t have all the answers, but know how to ask the most interesting questions, we want you here. Yesterday.

Actually, Webonise is the place where working and learning are not separate things. For our team, working is a learning experience. What we have here is a culture of ‘information radiation’. We love open space mainly because we can discuss, develop, brainstorm and create together. We don’t just sit around peaking at our teammate’s computers, mind you. We don’t care if someone is taking a break from coding and playing a quiet, mind-enriching game of Solitaire. To each his own, as long as at the end of the day we sit together and gather a bunch of beautifully crafted ideas that turn into awesome products.

But how do we measure new talent?

That’s another aspect where we separate ourselves from the bunch.We don’t really believe talent is something that one can measure. Being a certain “percent” of talented is not the same thing as being in a certain height percentage. Talent is something that we like to discover along the way as an ability to improve one day at a time, one project at a time. Always improving on what we deliver is what we’re constantly after, which is why we’ll never tire of searching for smarter ways of doing what we do.

As a team, we’re young and vibrant and we know our stuff. Passion backed by intelligence is the driving factor for everyone. When you work in agile setups, you can’t be anything less. We have a strict inclination to ‘build products, not projects.’ This means that we give every product the right treatment from its inception to the analysis to the execution, and of course, onto delivery – helping the product reach the right pool of customers.

Sounds Interesting, well then drop us a note in here or give us a buzz! (You are smart! I know you'll find the contact no. out)

After all, the greatest companies know that in order to produce greatness you have to start from the inside out.