• Education & Training

    Our e-learning experience is expansive. We’ve created LMS systems that allow our clients to easily teach and certify their users.

  • Sports

    With decades of experience in the sports industry combined with our expertise in delivering solutions, we implement technology with partners of leading sport associations to effectively advance their goals.

  • IoT

    Innovative product development in both the firmware and software space that integrates advanced analytics and AI with IoT datasets.

  • ECommerce

    We work with Ecommerce businesses to optimize their online experience and performance, two vital areas that have a direct impact on online revenue.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Optimized content delivery for web and mobile experiences in the tourism industry for savvy users to make their trip better, whether it’s a vacation or mass transit.

  • Healthcare

    We securely implement HIPAA compliant digital healthcare solutions that allow medical researchers to gain new insights.

  • HR & Recruitment

    Integrated and automated insights that help organizations optimize candidate recruitment and employee retention performance.

  • News & Media

    News publications today must have an optimized online experience. With our content management system expertise, we deliver solutions that offer a great design for users on all devices and also make it easy for contributors to update.

  • Agriculture

    Delivering disruptive GIS mapping solutions integrated with latest drone and IoT technology.