came to us with the request to remake, re-polish and refresh their online presence. We knew we needed to pull out all the stops for them, but we were in for a challenge. The brand is a classic on the market. They launched in 1999 and since then they have acquired a solid and faithful fan base. has what you’re looking for from the whimsical (purses, little ornaments for holiday trees and holiday stockings) to the formal (tapestries and wall hangings.) All in all, they are a solid brand immersed in a broad market.

When we first began discussing basic design guidelines it was clear we needed a user-friendly design with smooth navigation. After numerous discussions searching for the right solution, we chose a design that’s first and foremost, simple. We chose easy-to-read, larger fonts and banned “white text on black”, which would have been a poor choice for the target demographic.

The challenge was finding beauty in simplicity and making the site attractive to a global audience. As a developer, it's easy to be seduced by the complexity of your design and forget to train your hand, brain and artistic appetite to think simply. Take for instance the buzz around Facebook after the site’s official launch. There were endless compliments on the look and feel of it. We think we definitely achieved our goal by doing the same.

Another challenge we faced was working with’s existing software system, Magento. This unique requirement made us more alert to finding the best way to customize the site both performance-wise and design-wise (Granted, it did help that we’re great adapters.) We were able to take all of our design ideas as well as the creative ideas from the client, and make them work perfectly in Magento.

These days, brands speak through their website. They have to if they hope to be successful! We’re glad to contribute to’s virtual revival. We hope to stun customers and provide a clean and clear environment for them to participate in their favorite past time.

[The site is compatible with iPad and development is currently under way for mobile and tablet. This functionality should be ready in the early part of September.]

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