"Efficiency is the foundation for survival. Effectiveness is the foundation for success."

-John C. Maxwell


Enterprises relying heavily on channel and reseller partners, distributors, etc. for sales and advertisement unequivocally agree to the importance of having a robust partner exosystem. 

According to a VMWare Business Mobility Report, companies are shifting to enterprise mobility for driving business results and building apps by actively re-engineering their core business processes.

Billions of dollars are lost every year due to insufficient connections and lack of promising mobile enterprise solutions. Technology is evolving and companies fall due to lack of a partner ecosystem and compromised Cybersecurity in cloud-based business dealings. 

An enterprise partner ecosystem is essentially a portfolio of key business partners that add value to each other’s businesses. Your partners each play a role in your business or marketing strategy and help you develop and polish your products in return for access to your networks and data sources.

From Business Analytics to the Internet-of-Things (IoT), the ultimate mobile partner ecosystem involves business partners who take care of everything right from marketing data, Data Analytics, and web/app mobile development for connecting with other potential businesses. 

Challenges Faced by Partner Ecosystems

The foundation of a partner ecosystem lies on the support of each other’s services by enterprises, for which contribution and communication are two of the most essential elements. Often, in a partner ecosystem, partners have to face several challenges because of a lack of these two. Let’s have a look at some of these challenges:-


Partnership Communications - In the current growing scenario of enterprises, it is difficult for a single enterprise to provide and support a whole lot of services. Instead, it makes sense to look for partner enterprises providing complementary services, coupling with which you can provide your customers with all the required solutions. The procedure is feasible and a beneficial one, but the difficulty faced in this is not being able to connect with individual partners and the lack of honest two-way communications between businesses.

Search and Filter - Finding the perfect partner for your business strategy is a battle against time. Even the best partner ecosystems have difficulty with this step. Partners are unable to search for relevant profiles and expand their partnership ecosystems due to a lack of filter options and search function.

Integrating Multiple Solutions - Deploying products in the cloud and integrating multiple business solutions, these are some of the biggest challenges faced by enterprises in a partner ecosystem. When we talk about integrating solutions, we also include sales processes, marketing and analytics, and enterprise mobility for robust development. 
Digital Marketing and SEO - Not all enterprises have their resources and skills down when it comes to digital marketing and SEO. When it comes to business partners, having a platform that integrates marketing and business analytics is key and not every partner ecosystem has it.


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The Benefits of Mobile Apps in A Partner Ecosystem

By leveraging mobile apps to build partner ecosystems, you connect businesses and acquire the following benefits.

1. New Revenue Streams - By bringing in new suppliers and clients, your business benefits from your partner ecosystem simply due to its increased connections and expansive network. Your flow of web traffic increases and turns leads to sales (or returning clients) - all of which translates into new revenue streams.

2. Employee Productivity - Every partner ecosystem presents its own set of challenges and solutions. It introduces partner employees to new tools and techniques related to industry trends. This skyrockets employee productivity and ensures higher ROI for businesses. 

3. Enriched User Experience -  People love and frequently use their Android and iOS devices. By using mobile apps to build partner ecosystems, customers get to interact with potential partners and demand new lines of products/services. This expands the market and helps your partners out too by making businesses work together to deliver new innovations.

How Mobile App Solves Challenges

n today's emerging world of technology and marketing, there's more to mobile enterprise solutions than what meets the eye. Mobile apps essentially grow your business and build partnership ecosystem by leveraging integrated solutions. Here's how they solve ecosystem crises.

  • When mobile apps belong in a partner ecosystem, partner communications are enhanced and there are honest two-way communications between clients and employees. Business partners are able to share confidential and sensitive data over the network without any fear of data breaches or compromised privacy.

  • They help you co-sell your products/services in a partner ecosystem. By leveraging solutions relevant to what partners look for, you expand your business and build credibility.

  • Every mobile app is designed to solve a specific problem. It can be from Digital Marketing to Visual Storytelling, designing product functions, analyzing metrics, etc. Data can seamlessly be exchanged and integrated with other apps in an existing enterprise partner ecosystem.

  • They attract influencers and key industry people to partner up with prospective businesses. When your company is in a popular circle (or ecosystem), it creates a social and financial impression.

  • Mobile app helps consumers make sense of the emerging enterprises in a partner ecosystem. If a customer isn't sure what to use, the partner ecosystem makes suggestions and recommendations by referencing partner apps.


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Building Partner Ecosystems with Robust Mobile-Linking

Mobility is a top priority for enterprise partners and since the invention of RedHat in 1993, enterprises have been evolving their IT systems and infrastructures through the collaboration and support of open-source projects. With the introduction of subscription-based models, enterprises were able to adopt different technology stacks and build products in line with their services.

The problem was that there was no common platform that allowed RedHat developers to connect on a single platform. Exchanging information and maintaining the security of confidential data were two standard problems faced by RedHat developers. In addition to this, searching for similar profiles and businesses which used RedHat products was another mainstay issue.

This problem led to the conception of the RedHat mobile app developed by Webonise.

A Case Study on Our Robust-Linking Mobile App

The mobile app was designed in collaboration with the RedHat internal team. Feedback from managers and stakeholders were used in the design of the UI and different app configurations. 

The RedHat App enabled businesses to create profiles which highlighted their expertise, business offerings, and competencies, thus facilitating a robust-linking of services and streamlining communications between businesses.

Partners could now search, sort, and filter based on language, location, expertise, skills, and other similar metrics, thus promoting trusted connections and enabling partners to connect directly with individuals in businesses. Users would also be able to conduct business dealings and even save/view previous dealings.

What We Do

Blending design and aesthetics requires a delicate touch and let's not forget marketing data and sales analytics. Webonise designs apps and user experiences which benefit both users and customers, thus benefiting businesses and expanding partner ecosystems.

The RedHat app created by Webonise lets you conduct seamless business transactions by connecting you with potential partners that benefit your business through robust mobile-linking. A RedHat collaboration, the app lets you seamlessly kickstart your business processes by getting you in touch with similar business profiles and by building networks by connecting you to appropriate channels and services. 

At Webonise, we essentially help you build your business by leveraging technology stacks and building mobile apps that users simply love. Our developers build web applications using technology stacks like Ruby on Rails, Cake PHP, Native Android, and Native iOS for deployment on the web and cloud. We build user experiences that customers simply love and enhance sales tractions for businesses through our mobile-linking app.