In this round of our mobile app comparison series, we compared two higher end delivery services that are popular in many large cities across the United States, with the intention of only ordering food to be delivered. Although there are many delivery services and apps out there that deliver food at the moment including (Seamless, UberEATS, DoorDash, etc.) we chose these two (Caviar and Postmates) mainly because we feel they're comparable in the audience they're looking to reach, and what they offer.


Postmates offers a Facebook connect which is nice and helpful for easy signup, but also offer the option to signup with an email address. Caviar doesn't have a Facebook connect option and requires multiple fields for signup. These fields could be helpful so things like your phone number are already in your account. However, when looking at ease of signup so people won't abandon the action, Postmates wins.

Look & Feel

Postmates' UI is nice and attractive but not all items listed have photos so you can see what you're purchasing. In the search feature, they do offer suggestions for different types of food which is nice. The Caviar UI isn't too inspiring but the do have nice photos for every item listed in the app.


Postmates' ordering process is pretty simple and auto populates addresses which is nice, but overall it's quite average. It is nice that you can see when a Postmate individual has accepted the order, and where they are within the in-app map. Caviar's ordering feature shows you a photo of what you're ordering and asks if you want to add anything to your order, which is helpful (and a good up-sell for the restaurants that use Caviar). We ordered the same sandwiches from the same well-known, and often busy restaurant. Both apps were great in terms of delivery time and ease of receiving the physical orders at the correct address. Caviar did not have a delivery fee, whereas the Postmates delivery fee was $12! And we're not even sure as to why that is. If there's a reason for such a high delivery fee, as a user, it would be nice to have some sort of explanation. (side-note: even though we don't like the high fee, we appreciate that their model is to have their Postmate employees paid a well-deserved amount)


When it comes to using the apps to search for and order food, we suggest using Caviar. We understand that it might not be feasible to get great photos of each and every item listed in the app (especially since Postmates will deliver more than just food), but however Caviar is doing it, we feel it's worth it for the user. Also, just considering the delivery fee alone, we would choose Caviar as there are so many food delivery services out there with free delivery as well. We would use Postmates to deliver items such as cold medicine, flowers, etc. But for food delivery, Caviar takes the cake.

Erin Essex is our Creative Director at Webonise. Feel free to check out a bit more on her website, Twitter, or LinkedIn.



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