PrecisionHawk, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) company specializing in end-to-end aerial data solutions, seeks to be a leader in managing aerial data. To bring the best into the industry, PrecisionHawk created DataMapper, an exclusive tool for processing and analyzing data collected by UAVs.

The Challenge

Employ cutting-edge technology to deliver the right solution.

Drones are a hot topic these days, and PrecisionHawk sees a vast potential for drones in a variety of industries, namely agriculture and emergency response. According to the company, usable data collected from UAV platforms is far more valuable than the UAV itself, so a revolutionary software design accessible to non-technical users was greatly needed. PrecisionHawk envisioned a data platform to automate the movement of aerial data from collection and processing to digital management and analysis. Webonise partnered with PrecisionHawk to provide such a solution.


The Solution

An automated data platform for non-technical users.

Developed on Ruby on Rails, DataMapper is a cloud-based application that gives anyone the ability to upload, store, process and share their aerial image data. To create DataMapper, Webonise made use of Java, JavaFX and FXML with a Spring framework, Jersey, Apache Tomcat and Maven. There are two applications: one is a desktop application where users can upload surveys on the server, while the other is a web application, capable of displaying all the surveys along with their status. Here are a few highlighted capabilities of DataMapper:

  • Flight Planner: Users can pick the bounds of their fight area or set a flight path and select the resolution or height before takeoff.
  • In-field application: Users can instantly validate data with an in-field mosaic, saving time and money.
  • Survey management: Users can upload data to the DataMapper portal to manage surveys, share collected data sets, and initiate conversations with other viewers. This can be done anywhere, from a computer in the office to a mobile device on-the-go.
  • Automated processing: DataMapper controls the end-to-end process to achieve accurate results with any type of data, ensuring accurate data processing.
  • Geospatial applications: Users can receive automatic, ortho-rectified, georeferenced mosaics that are GIS-ready. Through sophisticated, automated algorithms, DataMapper offers the ability to transform data into actionable information to support real-time business decisions.
  • Big data for ease of use and scalability: All data is transmitted over a secure connection (SSL) and is encrypted on disk for additional security. Cloud storage is processed through Amazon S3, which is designed for 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability, and is designed to withstand concurrent data loss in two facilities.

    The Result

    The complete end-to-end enterprise data solution

    DataMapper is the realization of PrecisionHawk’s vision to better serve its customers. By putting customer needs first, they arrived at a solution that makes management of aerial data not only easy but also actionable. DataMapper transforms data into useful information that helps in making wise, real-time business decisions. After carefully listening to PrecisionHawk’s vision, Webonise took action and delivered. The result? An easy and secure end-to-end enterprise data solution that offers users the ability to process and analyze data without breaking the bank.