We are proud to announce the launch of The Vinny Lecavalier Foundation site, Vinny40. Vinny joins our growing list of clients in the sports realm, names likes USA Football, the youth development partner of the NFL, NFHS, the National Federation of State High School Associations and Daily Racing Forum, the official source for horseracing.

The opportunity to get to know the Lecavalier family allowed us to capture both dimensions of one leader through a technology platform. In turn, we were able to use tech to represent Vinny Lecavalier to his supporters and build relationships with his fans.

“We are very excited at The Vinny Lecavalier Foundation to launch our new website: http://vinny40.org/. Thanks to Webonise, we are able to tell our story and stay connected with our supporters and fans,” said Genevieve L. Bale, The Vinny Lecavalier Foundation Executive Director.

To understand the philosophy behind this build, you must also understand our client. Philadelphia Flyers’ player Vinny Lecavalier has a long-standing career in the NHL. He is currently in the midst of his 15th professional season, and like many athletes, has been compelled to give back to those in need. Lecavalier established The Vinny Lecavalier Foundation in December of 2005 with a vision to help children and their families battle against pediatric cancer. The foundation supports the fight against pediatric cancer by raising money for medical research and pediatric patient care. In 2007 Lecavalier announced a $3 million commitment to build The Vincent Lecavalier Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders Center at All Children’s Hospital Johns Hopkins Medicine.The Center is the largest pediatric cancer center in the state of Florida.

All that being said, we had the giant task in front of us to design and develop an online brand that speaks to all that, Vinny Lecavalier the player and the philanthropist.

“Many professional athletes have foundations, the thing that sets Vinny40 apart is the fact that we managed to combine the sites in not only a clean and seamless way, but also in a way that comes off as very modern,” said Erin Cummings, Webonise Creative Director.

The preexisting foundation site, while showcasing the many charitable acts by the Lecavalier Foundation, failed to accentuate Vinny’s equally impressive accomplishments on the ice. In our design phase, we took this into account and created a plan to highlight both sides of Lecavalier equally. This methodology gives visitors a comprehensive look at the athlete they admire as a person. By splitting the information into two main parts, one concerning Vinny’s work as a professional hockey player and one regarding his tireless charity work, Webonise built a window into each and every one of Vinny’s activities. In the sports world it’s imperative to give fans the opportunity to connect and build relationships with their favorite sportsman and social activist, so we did countless user tests to make sure that the user experience was flawless.

"The user never has to leave the site and can simply toggle between the two sides of Vinny's life, player and philanthropist. The site also kept in mind ease of use, simple scrolling and easy access for tablet users,” said Cummings.

Visit the site. Shoot us your thoughts! Our works means nothing if we can’t throw it out to the world for review.

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