RPA is the innovative use of software to perform repetitive rules-based knowledge work across an organization as a substitute for, or aide to human workers. Essentially, it works to virtualize the workforce with added productivity, efficiency, and scalability.

Auro is the niche Robotic Process Automation strategic consulting service offering from Webonise. As an implementation partner of Blue Prism, Auro leverages robotics process automation technology as a platform for resources from the business operations or IT teams to deliver self-service process automation on an IT supported, secure and resilient infrastructure.

We specialize in setting up Robotic Centre-of-Excellence, strategy setting, business consulting, opportunity assessments, business case definition, end to end delivery of RPA implementations for all sizes of organizations.

The key differentiation factor for Webonise is its RPA consulting offering backed by a proven track record in delivering large scale enterprise IT agile solutions. Our valued partnership with Blue Prism has helped us position ourselves strongly in the RPA world.

Our team of experienced Blue Prism practitioners would love to share experiences and embark on your RPA journey.