We bring online experiences to life through interfaces and interactions that excel

Product success relies heavily on the balance between beauty and usability. Initial user reactions to a website or an app are mostly design-related. User-centric design builds trust and keeps users coming back, while reducing support, infrastructure, and training costs. Since users usually have tons of options online, details and ease of use are what make them loyal to one product over time.

From enterprise software to mobile apps and marketing websites, we are a talented team of UX and UI design experts who work closely with planning and strategy teams to craft polished, intuitive designs. We believe in being more than just a design agency- we’re your partner in developing the growth of your brand.

User Experience

Understanding the user experience (UX) is the backbone of our work. Are users frustrated by a confusing process, or are they thrilled that it’s straightforward and intuitive? It’s these areas of focus that increase users’ overall happiness and have a big impact on whether they return to your product.

Can users find what they’re looking for in your established navigation categories? Setting up information architecture and user flows involves organizing and labeling all pages or views effectively. This establishes the overall navigation as well.

A wireframe is about functionality and is often referred to as a blueprint for a website or app. It’s an outline that defines the structure and interaction of the product without getting sidetracked by the visuals (color, images, or icons). By focusing on these finite things we guide discussions through all the users’ needs, overall project goals, and specific features. Pushing usability to the forefront before the visual creates a more seamless journey.

User Interface

User Interface is the visual design step of our process, and it’s much more than picking colors and images. We sweat the small details. Each screen is carefully crafted, ensuring the product visually communicates the path established our UX step.

Whether you come to us with strong established brand identity and guidelines or we work together to define them, visual design is the process where all the hard work comes together to ensure a consistent brand personality. A strong design system means consistency for users now and in the future.

We live in an increasingly mobile world. Users’ internet experiences should be built around that fact, so we do just that and design mobile and desktop at the same time.

Research and Prototyping

To know where you’re going, it’s often useful to know where you’ve been. Research and data are our roadmaps. We immerse ourselves in your industry, learning all about your business, culture, and competitors. Conducting stakeholder interviews, running various user surveys, and diving into your analytics and heatmaps are vital parts of our practice. Strategies on this vary with each product’s circumstances, but we value preparation and testing in our design process no matter what.

Prototyping can come early in our process or near the end. Planning at an early wireframe stage helps elicit a real-world guide through the sitemaps and user flows we’ve established. Getting stakeholders to see this early in the process ensures success. At this stage we’re connecting screens in the user flows we’ve outlined. This way, we can rapidly make changes and identify possible issues early on. Prototyping with the finalized designs results in a full-fledged designed flow – all interface elements, spacing, and graphics look just like a real app or website. Main uses for high-fidelity prototyping like this is for better user testing or re-iterating stakeholder buy-in of the interactivity shown. Since delivering a great user experience is our focus, prototyping is a crucial part of our process.


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