DevOps as a Service

DevOps is the collaboration of the development and operations teams, to automate the deployment, hosting, and monitoring of their applications. DevOps connects development and infrastructure management, enabling organizations to be agile and lean, and imparts an efficiency to the development lifecycle like never before.

With the advent and adoption of paradigms like IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service), PaaS (Platform-as-a-service), BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service), and more recently serverless architectures and containers, organizations are reaping rich, tangible rewards by embracing DevOps.

We work diligently to remain abreast of modern DevOps practices, automating server provisioning and configuration with Puppet, Chef, Docker, Terraform, and Kubernetes. We can work within your infrastructural parameters or use our standard templates for automating server configurations and provisioning. If you’re interested in exploring or implementing managed infrastructure, automation, infrastructure as code, configuration management, containers and orchestration, or CI/CD pipelines, we’re here to make it happen.

24/7 Infrastructure Maintenance, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Resolution

Every business mandates that its IT assets be readily available to serve its customers as and when needed. The slightest deviation from normal operating parameters of its infrastructure has the potential to disrupt BAU (Business-as-Usual) and can have an impact, direct or indirect, on the brand.

Webonise helps you recognize and get ahead of an impending situation, to deal with it proactively. We not only monitor the health of your infrastructure, but also the critical paths of your system, and report the slightest of rumbles that can disrupt your operations. If something is on the horizon, we spot it well ahead of the point of no return.

In the unlikely event that tragedy strikes, our team is on call to be by your side, undertake incident resolution, and implement a full disaster recovery plan. 

Webonise offers a DevOps incident resolution framework that works in cohesion with our 24/7 monitoring framework. Remediation begins promptly when a monitoring alert is relayed. Our four-level matrix escalates from an on-call support engineer to the head of DevOps to ensure all issues, big and small, are tended to without slippage, to maintain continual uptime.

Scalable Infrastructure

The benefits of Cloud adoption are ever multiplying and well worth reaping. In addition to reduced operational and overhead costs, it makes scalability a trivial task. Being Cloud native has transformed, accelerated, and directly increased the revenue of organisations.

Webonise has always taken a Cloud-first approach in designing and developing systems for our clients. With a wealth of experience and expertise in managing over 400+ Cloud-based systems, simply put, we understand Cloud! 

We can help you move from your on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, seamlessly.

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/D)

Webonise has proven expertise in automating the delivery pipeline. We monitor and control the application against security threats, load problems, or other bottlenecks. You don’t have to wait months, or even weeks, to deliver new enhancements to your customers.  We can automatically deploy changes on a continual basis for you, as you approve them. Our deployment scripts are constantly optimized, so they’re ever faster.

Our DevOps engineers deliver Application Release Automation using tools, scripts and products to automatically install and update code to the application environment. Continuous delivery enables business to push real-time updates to production. With well-designed Cloud architecture, changes are committed to replications  of the production environment. Automated testing is then performed on the replicated image and healthy code is rapidly deployed.

Cloud Management

With expertise in cutting-edge tool chains for infrastructure provisioning and configuration management, we at Webonise are well equipped to cater to the compliance, security, performance and patching requirements of your Cloud assets.

Leveraging AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud infrastructure, we manage continuous deployments, deployment automation, monitoring, and configuration management for highly available, risk-tolerant platforms.  We understand the strategy behind repeatable, highly available infrastructure in the cloud.

Professional Services & Consultations

DevOps is an ever-expanding field. It is estimated that it will be a $12B market by 2025. This is no small number. It just reflects the amount of innovation and production-ready tooling that is churned out at a breakneck pace by communities, practitioners and adopters alike.

In the time it takes to catch up with the due diligence of a tool chain, the world has moved on. Against such an ever-changing backdrop, help and general guidance is of tremendous value. Webonise is in the unique position to provide such value through our consultation services, gained from our experience in experimenting with and being successful at adopting and implementing trends and tools.

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