Business Intelligence

Integrate your data warehouse solution with powerful analytics software. Business intelligence tools can provide data visualizations. By integrating disparate data sources into a data warehouse solution, Webonise can help  you leverage analytics software to support decision making within organizations. An integrated data environment can assist key decision makers in monitoring performance by providing a real-time view of business operations.

We can integrate data analytics tools like Looker and Tableau into your project, with data warehouse tools and repositories. These provide reporting and data analysis from an integrated data environment

Salesforce Integration

Software should work around your business processes, and Webonise has the experience building custom workflows that integrate with SalesForce, enabling employees to close deals from anywhere around the world, and even track and convert leads on mobile devices.

Webonise offers custom development software-as-a-service (SaaS) application integrations. We can also build enterprise mobile application development, custom web applications and forms, and API integrations for CRM solutions into your Salesforce integration.

We can build a mobile app that integrates with a custom installation of Salesforce for any size company. With the experience of developing custom native Android, iOS, and mobile web applications, Webonise supports the development and integration of various applications with SalesForce.

Building custom software integrations in between SalesForce and your other software as a service (SaaS) tools will enhance the productivity and extend the functionality of your current software tools.

Learning Management System

Our multifaceted Learning Management System (LMS) tool was originally built to provide clients with an administrative portal, through which they can create all their online courses, upload and organize course information and materials, and run reports. The LMS also delivers the capacity to post a variety of quiz and test formats, including options like multiple choice and matching formats, that are validated online towards the overall grades and certifications.

Since then, we’ve implemented lots of similar, custom-designed LMS products, modified for a variety of clients. The benefits and value of a customized LMS make this a central and highly successful part of our Enterprise services. Because the LMS can be your core product, and the most interactive part of your overall online presence, we make sure to work with you to build the most effective tool possible. 

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