At Webonise, we design for mobile and desktop in parallel. This may seem like common sense to some folks, however, based on personal (professional) discussions, that not everyone sees this as common sense, let alone highly important. So, here's a reminder from our Art Director, Dana Smith, about its importance.


This is an important topic to cover, as it doesn't only affect design and the user experience on the front-end, but as well as the backend development. We know from experience that doing either mobile or desktop first, it results in rework. And we also know that rework equals more time and money. In order to avoid this, we've stopped saying, "mobile first" and recommend you do as well.

Often we encounter times when clients, developers, and designers want to do either mobile or desktop first for various reasons. However, as well-rounded product strategist, we've tried all three options (desktop first, mobile first, and both congruently), and we’ve come to the conclusion that designing for both mobile and desktop at the same time, is the most beneficial for all parties!

Why design for both?

By designing for mobile first, it allows us to take out a lot of the bullshit that might come from desktop first, such as it leading to mobile sites that take too long to load or look like a scaled down version of the desktop site which looks like the mobile site is an afterthought. This is not good for anyone. Conversely, designing for mobile first can lead to problems on desktop sites.

When design and develop for both desktop and mobile at the same time, it allows us to better communicate with clients about what is possible technology wise, and helps us parse out issues that design and development might face, earlier rather than later. Ultimately it may take a bit longer to strategize and finalize designs from the outset, but often ends up saving time by not having to do rework with design or development.

This is the second video of our series, "Stop..." that we'll be sharing over the coming weeks. Let us know what you think-- feel free to reach out at to chat further!