This request of having a image slider is hard to manage with clients. We’ve all tried to talk our way out of a slider, they’re EVERYWHERE.

The reason why we try to talk our clients out of simply adding a slider is because often these become a space where the client’s content person (let’s call him Jimmy) can add a lot of information easily, but we know that they’re often scrolled past and ignored by users. This type of "banner blindness" results in low click-through rates, and users are not only not seeing all of Jimmy’s valuable information on slide five, but they’re not even seeing the information on slide two.

Sliders are also terrible when it comes to mobile. We suggest removing them completely from the equation.

We suggest replacing sliders with a static hero image or video with a strong, clear message-- and with a great call to action. If you cannot convince your client fully, offer to do an A/B test and there’s a high likelihood that results will come out in your (our) favor. We recently tested three variations of a homepage; one version had a slider, and the slider lost. Proof was in the data for that particular instance which helped support our recommendation.


This is the second video of our series, "Stop..." that we'll be sharing over the coming weeks. Let us know what you think-- feel free to reach out at to chat further!