Whether you’re making the trek across cities, states, or countries to see loved ones this holiday season (or having a solo staycation) here are a few great apps to curb your stress!

App: LoungeBuddy

First up is LoungeBuddy. This is a super helpful app for those traveling by plane during the holidays (or anytime, rather).

It’s happened to most everyone who travels by plane-- you have a long layover, a flight is delayed a few hours, you miss your flight and need to wait for a later flight (many hours away) and don’t want to actually leave the airport with your luggage and come back. I first used a lounge at the Virgin America lounge at LAX when I missed my flight by a few minutes and had to wait eight hours for the next flight. Previously I didn’t realize I could use the lounge without being an elite member and it was only $30 for the day and I was able to literally lounge very comfortably for hours. They offer insanely comfortable chairs, wifi, complimentary snacks and (boozy) beverages, in addition to a full restaurant menu for purchase. It was a great experience and definitely worth buying the day pass.

Loungebuddy is your connection to the best airport lounges.

The folks at LoungeBuddy have aggregated lounge entry requirement information from every lounge in 900+ of the busiest airports around the world, so you can search for lounges that you can access based on your own provided information. It’s pretty helpful as you can see a good amount of basic information for each lounge in regards to what it offers, hours, map (and step by step directions by foot of how to get there once in the airport), user reviews, and pictures from users of the app. Lastly, you can purchase a day pass directly using the app. The search function allows you to lookup lounges by airport or based on an itinerary synced from Concur or TripIt.

It’s like a prettier Yelp, for airport lounges.

App: CenteredState

CenteredState is an app that's super helpful for when you're on the verge of not being able to handle political conversations with your family, or freaking out because you’re alone on Christmas Eve. If you find yourself in these positions, pull out this (free) app and calm yourself. Many of the anxiety and panic related apps either cost money to download or were strictly guided meditations. This app allows you to do certain exercises for free and also is focused primarily on actually calming you down. We think there's some neuroscience backing up this app but we aren't actual researchers so we cannot confirm that. But from our testing on ourselves, it worked.

CenteredState can help you calm the f down and re-center yourself

Simply open the app, indicate your stress level and it will coach you through a curated breathing session of your choosing. You can customize the graphics, your lung capacity and duration.  It's a good (natural) quick fix to help you calm down and reduce anxiety levels.  

App: Bumble (BFF mode)

You may know of Bumble as just the dating app where women have to initiate the conversation (created by a co-founder of Tinder). But Bumble isn't just a dating app anymore-- it operates similarly as Bumble for dating, but when you turn the app onto BFF mode, you're able to search for and meet friends that are near you and have similar interests. If you’re going nuts with your family and want to meet up casually with someone in your close physical proximity (eggnog and fun conversation with a stranger, anyone?) or if you’re staying home alone for the holidays, Bumble BFF is a good way to meet new people when you… want to meet new people. :)

Vent your frustrations with a fellow stranger over some eggnog with Bumble BFF

Erin Essex, our Creative Director, tried out Bumble BFF a few months ago to meet new people and she claims it was a success. This app is an easy way to casually meet new friends. (It's really not as creepy as you would think, give it a shot!)


We hope these apps will help you this holiday season bring some more cheer to potentially less cheerful situations. :) Let us know if you've tried any of these and what your thoughts may be!






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