At this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) conference, a group of Webonisers flew to Austin to show off their latest projects and technology while sharing our principles regarding product consultancy, web development and design. We certainly took this as an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are pining for the next level of innovation, as we are. We sure hope you visited our booth; we were giving away shirts and prizes! If not then join us as we relive our SXSW experience.

The Conference

SXSW, in three words, was: exciting, informative and jam-packed. People were everywhere; technology, innovation and creativity at its finest. This conference has become an annual celebration of innovation, film, music and interaction. There are more and more attendees each year, and the digital and social influence that the conference has been able to achieve is as amazing as its attendees. In fact, at its peak on March 10th, the conference states that there were almost 300,000 Twitter mentions of the event. That’s an average of 12 tweets per day from each of its 25,000 attendees!

The Attendees

In our four days at SXSW, we got to meet not only different kinds of individuals, but individuals from different parts of the globe. We met people from Germany, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and so much more! This event has not only captured the attention of the country, which was clear.

Our Visitors

Our most frequent visitors were entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Some were actively looking for companies to deliver services in development and design, while others were looking for companies to help them build products. Most of the entrepreneurs that we talked to had very promising ideas, and we look forward to being a part of these projects moving ahead.

The Interaction

What are the most frequently asked questions of our visitors at the conference?

1. “How much does an app cost?”

“The cost of an app depends on a lot of different factors such as the complexity of the app, its features, its speed and required functionality. We work with our clients to assess their needs and because we work on an on-shore/off-shore model we have the flexibility to offer lower prices for our premium talent.” –Will Slater, Webonise Project Manager and SXSW rep.

2. “What sets your company apart?”

“In terms of our points of differentiation, I referred to the uniqueness of our employees and our philosophy on following the agile methodology, which consists of involving the client throughout the entire build in two week sprints. We encourage clients to participate as little or as much as they desire, but this methodology ensures that the channels of communication are open from both sides.” – Tim Pulliam, Webonise Business Development and SXSW rep.

These two questions reflect the interest people have in developing their own apps and preference to work with the one company that can stand out from the rest.

The Popular

As we showcased our latest projects and technology, PrecisionHawk and Smarter Places were at the limelight. Visitors were very interested in PrecisionHawk, specifically on the drone topic and how drones can be used for civilian applications, so this was the perfect client to draw people in to view our work.  Smarter Places on the other hand, caught the eyes of a lot of entrepreneurs and marketers, as we displayed its capability to increase customer engagement and the benefits of its use for businesses using location based (and some up and coming) technologies.  We showed our audience how to deliver content via NFC tags, iBeacon, QR codes and sms messaging touchpoints.

The Events

There were a lot of workshops, meetups, panels and presentations, and luckily we still found time to attend a few, such as the I Met My Agency @ SXSW: Networking Reception, IEEE Technology for Humanity Party @SXSW and the MACAW luncheon.

The IEEE Technology for Humanity Party @SXSW was held on the first day of the trade show. It was an awesome party, with cool and technologically advanced games (they even have a robot bartender) and entertainment by Two Bit Circus. I Met My Agency @ SXSW: Networking Reception on the other hand was the perfect opportunity to network, meet potential clients and connect with different agencies. At Day 3, we headed to the MACAW luncheon. It was a laid back brunch and they had a guy in a Macaw suit (they had advertised live macaw so that was their joke). We got to meet and talk with different agencies, design firms, a developer from the FDA, and someone from Macaw. Although we didn’t get to see MACAW in action, it sounds like it’s going to be a cool product.

If you had the chance to meet us in Austin, we are definitely interested in hearing back from you. Let’s talk about your project needs further. If you didn’t have the time to stop by, please check out some of our work showcased across the site, and see how we can help you on your next project.

We are looking forward to our next conversation. Let us know how we can be part of your next innovation.

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