It's fair to say that the companies we take on as clients are all very unique. Each project is a new adventure, so when we get one up and running we are pretty excited to share it with you. Last week we finished up an awesome, if we dare say, new website for one of our clients, Check-in for Good. As of this week, we can tell you that the Check-in for Good mobile applications are up and running in the iPhone and Android app stores!

Communication is such a big part of the Webonise culture. We become really big fans of our clients, so from time to time we will certainly want to keep you updated on their successes. Cheers Check-in for Good!


Raising Money Just Got Easy: Check-in for Good expands digital platform to simplify campaign fundraising

Check-in for Good, the world's first mobile, location-based transactional platform, today launched a new digital tool that expands its solution for cause fundraising. The new Check-in for Good application provides increased functionality, debuting a new, user-friendly website and mobile applications that feature the free use of campaigns. The campaign tool allows anyone with a fundraising need to sign up and raise money by leveraging viral crowd funding and social sharing.

"People are connected in ways that have never before been possible," said Chris Dean CEO Check-in for Good. "We provide the tools necessary, not only to raise money, but also to find new supporters and tell people about the good you're doing on a larger scale."

The Check-in for Good location based technology leverages the power of groups to influence behavior and drive traffic, individually and collectively. The addition of campaigns to the Check-in for Good platform makes fundraising personal. Users are able to customize their web page, social shares and videos to encourage crowd funding while selecting causes that are specific to their cares and needs.

"When we began working on Check-in For Good we saw an opportunity to bring a leading-edge solution to fundraising," said Rob Katz CEO Check-in for Good. "Where most new technologies are disruptive, Check-in For Good actually takes the disruption out of fundraising and allows you to actively support your cause by doing what you would normally do - go out to dinner, the grocery store, the dry cleaner or hundreds of other businesses a user visits every day."

Check-in for Good continues its mission to connect local businesses with causes to increase customer engagement while doing good. Now with the addition of campaigns, the increased number of users provides a more beneficial opportunity, for both businesses and users, to grow the companies and causes they care about.

About Check-in for Good:

Check-in for Good is an LLC, formed in October 2011. Our mission is to provide the most effective fundraising and awareness tool for causes; and the traffic driver and social marketing tool for retail business. The digital platform leverages the power of groups through emerging mobile, social and location-based technology.

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