Pune Worex, short for Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange, is a series of casual, locally-organized meetups celebrating everything related to WordPress. Intended for exchanging ideas around WordPress, this event provides a great opportunity for developers, users and professionals within the local community.

The event, held in Pune every month, presents different facets of WordPress applications, such as in hackathons, application development, tips for commercialization, training sessions and effective blogging/publishing through WordPress. It specifically aims to act as a collaborative platform for developers and designers.

Last month, we were honored to share our perspective on design at their meetup: “With an Expert: Website Design.” Held on April 11, 2015 at our office in Pune, the meeting provided the audience  with the tactical difference between good and bad design. Everyone was welcome to attend, even if the topic did not specifically apply to their professional role.

Two of our expert UI/UX designers, Manan Oza and Snehal Todewale, were invited to conduct the meet and share their wide and rich perspective on the art of recognizing and working with the elements of good design. They merged both their experiences into one powerhouse presentation: “Design Thinking - An Unpacked Evolutionary Algorithm.”

Design Thinking - An Unpacked Evolutionary Algorithm

Based on the combination of Manan’s experience in design and Snehal’s background in computer science, their presentation covered the basics of design and how certain elements interact with one another to help a designer, or even a non-designer, make the most of their creative talents. Missed the meetup? Here’s the whole presentation:

Pune Worex meetup was the perfect venue to discuss and answer a variety of thoughtful questions on the topic. The session received a great turnout from professionals in the industry who came to hear our speakers as well as other Webonisers! Here are some insights from the session:

About the Speakers - Manan Oza and Snehal Todewale

Manan Oza has been with Webonise for almost 2 years. His main role is to understand client requirements, visualize data and apply design methodologies to deliver better experiences for users. He describes himself as very curious, a characteristic that has benefited him in his profession.

Snehal Todewale, on the other hand, is considerably newer to Webonise, starting in December 2014. She is a computer science graduate. She thinks of design as a responsibility. Design should be intelligent and its primary goal should always benefit the end user. Good design behaves like a friend, bad ones just leaves you in hanging.

Last, we would also like to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to the organizers of Pune Worex. We appreciate all of your hard work! Kudos to each and every one of you. More meetups in the future, shall we?

Saurabh Shukla

Gagan Deep Singh

Joshua Abenazer


Umesh Singla

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