Pune is home to a lot of Software and Tech startups as well as medium to large-scale IT companies. You’ll also find 4-5 Art colleges within the city. There is no doubt design has a huge impact on the continued emergence of Tech here. In fact, according to The Next Web, Pune has been listed by TransferWise, as the 2nd Best Emerging Tech Hub in the World, with Raleigh, Webonise Lab HQ’s current location, joining the list as well.

With all of that said, we noticed the substantial lack of a platform where designers can come together and share insights, challenges, solutions and ultimately grow together as a community. We felt the need to fill the gap and start the initiative on building a community where design is the unifying factor. And that’s how the idea of starting a UIUX Pune community came into view.


Then the rest was history; we immediately undertook a series of steps, all directed towards realizing this vision. Since we’ve been hosting and participating at meetups, we had no doubt meetup.com is the perfect venue to start growing the UIUX designer’s community in Pune. We created a group and we now have more than 100 members!

We then moved on to planning the very first meetup for the group. We looked into what we could share with the community that would prove valuable to them. So we planned 2 talks: One from a Weboniser and one from someone outside the company.


Being advocates of Mobile First, we were quite sure its something the crowd would appreciate and be able to use in the practice of their profession, in both the UI and UX design field. Thus, Mobile First was chosen as the first topic. And we know that the best person to take the lead and share it to the group has to be from the design function as well. He/she also has to be someone who knows how to convey the right message without overwhelming the audience. We decided that our very own Lead UX designer, Aditya Lele, is the right person to fill the spot and we’re so glad he was up for it!

The next challenge was the second talk; it had to be relatable to both facets of the community. We called out to the group and notified everyone that we’re still open for another speaker for the meetup. Chaitali Tannirwar showed interest and pitched her presentation about “Augmented Reality - UX Challenges and Opportunity.” We immediately knew we found our second speaker!

After the date was set, we got down to branding and printing out stickers (that’ll serve as our token of appreciation to attendees) and banners. As soon as we had the venue decided upon, we shared the news to everyone! We weren’t expecting a huge turnout (being the 1st meetup) but we’re really glad that a lot of people came and participated.

Hailing from different aspects of the design function, the attendees were a great mix of frontends from startups, SME’s and big tech companies. There were freelancers too! We got the chance to get to know a lot of them during one of the breaks and we’re quite pleased to know they have been waiting for something like this for quite some time now. They expressed appreciation for the initiative and responded well about the talks discussed.

Saturday came and we were all pumped up to meet everyone! Aditya Lele provided a brief introduction and proceeded with his talk on “Mobile First Approach: The key to cross platform interface design” right after. We provided time for some questions and to get to know the attendees. We then moved on to Chaitali’s talk on “Augmented Reality - UX Challenges and Opportunity.” Queries were answered right after her talk. We ended the event with bidding everyone a goodbye, giving away our little tokens of appreciation with a promise that there’s more to come!

Seeing the potential of the community growing even further, we’ve decided to host UIUX Pune meetups every two months! We’re working on planning the next one, although details are yet to be disclosed, we’re quite sure it’ll be something the UIUX design community would love to be a part of. Want to be part of the UIUX Pune design community? Join us!

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