USA Football is a non-profit that serves as a governing body to lead the game’s development for youth, high school and other amateur players. Education of coaches, players, parents, game officials, and even NFL League Commissioners, is at its core. USA Football needed a tool that allowed coaches to create and share practice schedules with their teams. That’s where Webonise stepped in with a new USA Football Practice Planner, or simply Practice Planner.

The Challenge

To deliver an intuitive practice planning tool without confusion

Practice is vital for athletes to absorb the physical and mental challenges of the game. USA Football wanted a way for USA Football Coach Members to organize practice schedules, coach multiple teams simultaneously, drag-and-drop drills, create customized plans and digitally share it all. The challenge was to squeeze in all of these features into a platform without overwhelming users. Webonise embraced these requirements and developed the latest version of Practice Planner.

The Solution

A feature-filled and user-friendly platform

Using ROR and Bootstrap CSS for frontend development and MySQL for backend, Webonise developed Practice Planner without compromising any goals. Flexible, efficient and seamless, Practice Planner showcases every feature easily and conveniently. Once in Practice Planner, users have the option to choose between two types of plans: a recommended plan, which is preloaded by USA Football to serve as a guide for first-time users, or a season plan, which is created by experienced users. USA Football Coach Members have access to many new features using Practice Planner:

  • Modify chosen practice plans
  • Save, load, modify and add a new practice plan
  • Coach multiple teams at once
  • Drag-and-Drop drills (video)
  • Access USA Football Drills Library
  • Print, email and share detailed practice plans
  • Helps coaches abide by USA Football’s Full Contact Practice Guidelines

    The Results

    A tool for coaches’ practice planning needs

    Practice Planner allows USA Football coaches to create and distribute detailed practice schedules. In just a few clicks, coaches can assign responsibilities, schedule warm-up periods, select plays and integrate drills. Better yet, Practice Planner is now optimized for iPads, which adds yet another layer of convenience to users.

    Among USA Football’s top priorities is their commitment to athletic safety. Practice Planner helps fulfill this mission by setting a 30-minute time limit on full-contact practice sessions among other safety recommendations. It was a Hail Mary, but Webonise scored with Practice Planner, helping coaches, players and parents on and off the field.