Geeks love to share and collaborate but to find the perfect venue suitable for this has always been a challenge. HasGeek saw this as an opportunity. They started creating platforms like Rootconf and Meta Refresh to help geeks share their knowledge, spread ideas and contribute to the design and development community. One of those projects, Meta Refresh, Webonise has been asked to be a part of.

“We are HasGeek. We create discussion spaces for geeks. Come to our events to meet like-minded people, learn new things and discover new opportunities.” - Quote from the HasGeek site.

Meta Refresh, organized annually by HasGeek, is a conference intended for and presented by web designers and developers. Each session features designers and developers discussing how their own work has contributed to the advancement of the web. In preparation for the annual conference, Meta Refresh launched several Run-up events across India to give the community a preview of the Meta Refresh 2015 conference happening on April 16-17 at Bangalore.


Meta Refresh 2015: Pune Run-up Event organizers asked Webonise to present at this years event! We jumped at the opportunity to give back to the community and share our experience in the field. It was hosted by Equal Experts at their Pune facility last March 14, 2015. In addition to our talk, the event featured two more talks:

  • Gestalt Principles and its application in Web Design by Raqhav Tantry
  • User Experience and Psychology by Jay Mistry

The request came to us only 4 days before the event, but we are always prepared to put together an impressive presentation. After deliberation, we decided to go with the topic “Mobile Strategy and Design Approach.” Why? The startup scene in India is growing and a lot of businesses and brands want to have a mobile strategy in place but don’t know how. This was our way of helping them. We shared our knowledge of the state of the mobile industry and how it has tremendously changed in the past year.

Mobile Strategy and Design Approach

Presented by Aditya Lele, Webonise Lead UX Designer, this talk focused on how setting up a mobile strategy can be potentially the best decision they will make for their business this year. Additionally, attendees who were not familiar with various design options were offered useful resource to learn more.

Aditya lele presenting at Meta Refresh Aditya Lele, Webonise Lead UX Designer, presenting at Meta Refresh 2015: Pune Run-up.

The audience, comprised of designers, developers and individuals embarking on their own startup journeys, was actively engaged and participated in many conversations following the event. Here are some interesting Tweets shared during the event:

About the Speaker: Aditya Lele, Webonise Lead UX Designer

He’s been a Weboniser for 2 years and describes his experience at Webonise as “a place where people seek freedom, creativity, experimentation and challenge.” He currently leads his own team of designers where they engineer new user experiences, interactions and visual designs for various projects. If you can’t find him in the office, you’ll find him watching movies, reading books, taking photos, traveling, biking, walking his dog and trying his hand at cooking. And before we forget, he’s a beer lover!

Meta Refresh: Pune Run-up is only the beginning for 2015! We plan to participate in more meetups, conferences and events that enrich the design and development community. Have an event you would like to attend? Contact us. We’d love to speak, code, design and have fun (dancing, anyone?) at your event!

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