Webonise Lab is heading to NCDevCon 2014! What’s even better? Webonise VP-Engineering Robert Fischer will be talking about Functional Java Script at the conference. Held on September 13-14, 2014 at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, NCDevCon 2014 is among the most sought after web development and design conferences in the country providing a wide variety of presentations, networking activities, demonstrations and hands-on experiences on various topics related to Web & Mobile Development and Design.

In preparation for this year’s conference, NCDevCon started the year by releasing a survey intended to get the Dev and Design community’s pulse on what’s new and trendy. This provided specific planning on what attendees will see, hear, learn and experience at NCDevCon 2014, a myriad of sessions on Design, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Mobile and Security.

We’re most excited about Robert’s talk on “Functional JavaScript in the Real World.” He will demonstrate the library and how it applies to functional programming techniques within JavaScript for producing productive code. He will demonstrate and explore how to think about writing code in such a way that functional programming answers arise naturally, leading to much simpler, shorter and cleaner JavaScript.

Joining Robert is an experienced and well-respected group of programmers, developers, designers and tech experts such as Dee Sandler with her talk on “UX and the Mobile App,” Eric Cobb and his presentation on “SQL Server Tips for Everyday Programmers,” Mark Kruger and his “SDLC Stories from the real world,” and many more!

Meet up with Webonisers at the networking event on Saturday night. There will be free beer, wine, drinks and Hors d'oeuvres. Connect with likeminded individuals, including us, and get some one on one time with speakers.

All pumped up for NCDevCon 2014? Register for the event now!

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